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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Campfround Review - Lake Ottawa - Memorial Weekend 2007 (part 2) YOOPER BLOCK PARTY

(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long winter---- sigh)

This review for Lake Ottawa is going to be in four parts.  Two are from 2007 and two are from 2009.   This is part two of the 2007 Memorial Day Weekend 

Here are the links for the information on Lake Ottawa:

Lake Ottawa campground information

This is the second half of the Memorial Weekend that I posted a few days ago. 

Our group caught a bumper crop of walleye overnight.. so for a Memorial Day  celebration, they decided to do a big fish fry.   When camping with no hookups, it's kinda hard to deep fry that large amount of fish, much less onion rings and tater tots to go with the meal.   So Buzzy and Rick, our resident chefs, decided to bring along deep fryers and run a generator.   We set it all up on the road, and anyone walking past was invited to bring a lawn chair and join in the feast! 

Okay... this sign is really a joke... we didn't really charge $5 a plate.  Tee heeeeee

yooper block party 6

(as I explained in a previous post, the term YOOPERS is derived from the residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michgian... U.Per's.... YOOPERS..... get it?  
 They poke fun at themselves easily and wear the name proudly) 

Yooper Block Party 7

Yooper Block Party 5

Yooper Block Party 1

 Now, my brother, Butch wanted a place to run an extra deep fryer for french fries.  So we fired up our genny on our rig across the road and ran a cord.  Too short to reach the other guys, so we just set up a little folding table for them to work with.  It looked so funny, like two little kids selling Kool-aid...
Yooper Block Party 3

(I just had to make them a sign too)

Yooper Block Party 2

Steveio helped *supervise* the process, and kept plenty of Liquid Libation on hand to keep him properly hydrated.  

Yooper Block Party 4

Yooper Fish Fry Fixens

I snapped all these pics fast as the food was just starting to be ready.  
Once they got going, everyone lined up with plates...  and some went back for seconds and thirds!   
A great time was had by all, we fed everyone around us and still had some fish leftover.  

Now that is doing it up Yooper Block Party style....

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