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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Campground Review - Lake Ottawa on Memorial Weekend 2009

(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long winter---- sigh)

Here are the links for the information on Lake Ottawa:

Lake Ottawa campground information

Well, here we are again at our favorite campground that we go to when visiting with folks up north.  Of course, we got our favorite site number 17 too.    Since I have already talked about the park, the beach, the fishing etc.  This blog post will focus on the people.  LOL

This time we took along some of our grown kids, and our grandson, Jameson.   He is just about 10 months old at this time of camping.   We brought along the boat for fishing, and the scooter for scooting... and also had a graduation party to attend for a friends daughter, Kylee.

  memorial weekend 2009 (162)

Our friends, Joann and Mark brought out their three grandchildren.  They used to camp with us wayy back when their girls we little, but don't have a camper anymore.  So they come out to visit if we are up there.  This is little Autumn enjoying some watermelon.  WHAT is Memorial Day without watermelon, I ask you????
watermelon means SUMM ERTIME

This is my other little buddy, an Autumn too. I have shown her before, and she has been camping with us since she was very small.  She is the crafty gal who is learning to make those beaded hairpieces called EZ combs.  She is so patient and learns so quickly.  
always a project

This is nephew Darren meeting his little second cousin Jameson for the first time. Darren is a goof ball, and we see the same tendencies in little Jameson.  He even LOOKS like Darren did at that age! Runs in the family! 
and just WHO are you little boy

We ended up with a quite a crew on our campsite for the afternoon.  
Stoke up the campfire, haul in some more lawn chairs and join the party! 
gather around the campfire

Some family and friends were camping on nearby sites, some just came out for the day to visit.  It was lovely weather for Memorial Day.  (some years we are frozen or have snow falling!) 
gather around the campfire 2

Jameson was cruising all over in his stroller.. here is visiting next door at Auntie Schmoos' camper.
memorial weekend 2009 (6)

Auntie Schmoom giving Jameson his first taste of watermelon! 
memorial weekend 2009 (95)

I think he liked it....
memorial weekend 2009 (7)

 Uncle Mark-  early first morning wakeup, with a raring to go little boy on his lap.  Mark needs more coffee! 
memorial weekend 2009 (18)

Little Autumn was picking Uncle Umpee some flowers....
memorial weekend 2009 (26)

Our daughter Erin and husband Mark, with the two little rat dogs along -- Angel and Domino.  They camped in a tent behind our rig.   In this pic they are newly pregnant with our granddaughter..  and later they announced to the family about the coming blessing.  But in this pic, I think they just wanted COFFEE! 
memorial weekend 2009 (27)

 Little boy Jameson all in his camo,  sitting in granfaddahs' boat seat!   (too little to go out in the boat yet) 
memorial weekend 2009 (38)

Little Logan (The Loganator)   is busy picking a handful of dandelions for his Grandma 
memorial weekend 2009 (44)

 Daughters Erin and Heather (Jameson's mommy) are letting him get DIRTY! 
memorial weekend 2009 (47)

Jameson telling his Uncle Mark all about sleeping in Granmuddahs and Granfaddahs' motorhome.. 
while Erin and Mark had to sleep in a TENT! 
memorial weekend 2009 (54)

Granfaddah Pfun with his coffee cup... what a Happy Camper, hey?
memorial weekend 2009 (58)

These are TRILLIUMS, which grow wild in the woods each spring.  They are protected and not to be picked.  We had to keep reminding the smaller kids that they were to admire and smell but NOT to pick them.  They had tons of dandelions to pick, but these are sooo irresistible! 
 memorial weekend 2009 (73)

Little Hailey felt bad about picking them once they scolded her...awwwwww
memorial weekend 2009 (112)

Autumn is checking if she loves butter (if the underside of your chin glows yellow, I guess you do?) 
memorial weekend 2009 (78)

 Uncle Fuzz had a rough night....  seems he needs the beer, huh?
memorial weekend 2009 (98)

Daughter Heather and finance Jesse are up for breakfast.. by noon! 

Jameson is startled when the Uncle Fuzz looked at him! 
memorial weekend 2009 (126)

It's a lot of fun to have folks visit, but also to have the time to stroll around the campground is pleasant too.  Here I am walking the dogs and taking little Jameson for a stroll.  

Well, that's it for the weekend...

We attended Kylee's graduation party and also packed up the rig and headed into town.   We restocked the rig with new groceries, and Steve dropped me off at my folks house (they were still in Florida yet) and I stayed there for the week.... while Steve's dad and his brothers joined him out at Lake Emily for a father/son fishing week!  

The girls surprised me and  showed up with Jameson during the week.   I kept Jameson there for a few days and send the dogs back all the way to Oconto with the girls!  (remember, we live 120 miles from this area)   So I swapped my dogs for a grandson!   haha    While I bunked out at mom's place (pics in the next blog)  the guys did their fishing thing.  

Later I joined them out at Lake Emily on the last day, cooked them a big meal and then we headed back home in our rig once they left. Ahh it felt good to have my own motorhome back again.  

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  1. Awwww, what great pics of a nice looking family. Thanks for sharing your camping weekend with all of us. Cute kids, especially!


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