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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Projects around the house…

Well, we are keeping ourselves busy till the camping season begins….


The road restrictions are still on around the favorite campgrounds we like to go to.  Don’t really matter because they are all closed and most are gated off.   In Wisconsin we have road restrictions during spring thaw while the ground is soft.  Big trucks over a certain weight, usually 10 tons, that are not allowed on secondary or back roads.  The weight of one truck can ruin the blacktop and mush down to the soggy ground underneath.  It can cost a county and their taxpayers plenty if a logging truck, propane delivery truck etc. drive down their roads at this time of year.  The fines are hefty too.  So best to wait till the county clears the road restrictions and we can get out and go camping again.  It’s been drying up fast, so we hope to be able to get out soon.


In the meantime, we were working on a few projects around here.  Remember the tree that Steveio cut down back in February?  Well…..

PICT0055 See the little chickadee who came right away to check out the sunflower seeds?


Then.. next project was our door to our kitchen… see that grid panel on the window?  Making it look like 9 little panes of glass??   It’s just a cheap plastic grid that was getting all cracked and icky…..   this is the before:

house 3

We removed the window and took out the plastic grid…. and Steveio made a nice wooden frame for the glass instead.



outside                                                                          inside


(I was the gopher and the stainer… Steveio HATES staining or painting)

There, from the inside looking out---  DONE!



Things are still pretty brown and grey around here…   we still can have snowfalls yet till May.  The gloom and doom weatherman on the local TV station said 10% of our yearly snowfall has not yet fallen, so be prepared.   Sigh.


The sun feels warm and is bringing life….  this is the white lilac from behind the garage… the tiniest bits of green buds on the tips of the branches.  Gives the heart a chance to skip a beat in anticipation of the Springtime to come!



On to a bit of fiber stuff… daughter Heather is starting this afghan as her first large crochet project.  In the past she has done washcloths and baby booties.  This is called an Ocean Ripple.  How pretty is that?

heathers first afghan0



Sweet little Chelsea came today while her momma goes to the dentist (root canal- yuck!)  so she was fast asleep in her car seat when Erin brought her in the house.  Ducky parked herself right in front of it, on duty.  When any of the grandkids sleep in the portable crib, she is laying right next to that too, doing her instinctive guard thing that collies do to their flocks of sheep.   Good girl!

napping with my guard dog 

That is about it for today… Steveio stopped on the way home to pick up 6 pounds of Alaskan Snow Crab legs for Heather’s birthday celebration on Friday.  Her favorite choice of meals and we steam them up on the back deck outdoors to keep the smell outta the house.    So as soon as he gets home, we will run to town and store them in Erin’ freezer.  Ours it too crowded with three hams in there waiting for Easter Sunday.  We are hostessing the Pfundtner clan (about 28 people and three babies)  for Easter Dinner.  We rented a nearby hall as that is too many for our house.   More on that later…..


  1. Spring time looks like it is right around the corner up there!! What happens if you don't get enough snow?
    How long is your motor home? Our traier is 40ft..your's looks so long.
    The baby and the dog are so cute!!
    I didn't get to finish the pantry today..steady rain all day..worked on another project ..
    Talk to you later this week.
    Cindy from Tx

  2. Get ya some green plastic for all your house windows and maybe it will green things up outside some. lol

    We are SO ready for green to show up too!

    Ken and Nanette

  3. I wish I had a nice collie like that instead of "wild child" Emma. :)

  4. Isn't it neat how dogs are with the kids, Ducky looks like all is well in her world. Even as rowdy as Rigg's can be when he gets played out he will always lay by Adam and nap right next to him, we had to put his new doggie bed in front of Adam's bedroom door so he could gaurd at night while he was alseep. See Ya. Sam & Donna


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