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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys -- Grandkids Galore!



Oh what a fun fun day we had on Saturday!    We had picked up little 3 month old Allegra to babysit overnight.  Then Heather came with 19 month old Jameson…. and Erin and Mark brought over 2 month old Chelsea.   WHAT FUN!




(and this how we were trying to pose Jameson for the pic… and he was busy showing me where my eyes were… tee heee) mangling granmuddah_1_1


These first pics are of little Allegra, our son Dan and his wife Heather’s little lady….. 


What a cutie patootie!  She is now 3 months old and growing like a weed.  Trying to find milk in her fingers and is sure she will get some if she sucks on them long enough.   LOL


She was fascinated with her Granfaddar’s brand new tennis shoes


My… what Big Shoes this little gal has to fill!


Ok.. now here is Jameson…. going on almost 20 months now, son of our daughter Heather and Jesse.  He is the Ringleader!


This is a silly popup book that at first he was very very scared of.  The first page opens to a frog sticking out his tongue, and the last page is an alligator he still isn’t too sure of.  But he keeps taking the book off the shelf and asking us to read it to him.  Funny boy!


He likes to sit down on our little hearth, and checking out the fireplace.  It’s just his size for a comfortable sitting spot.  Wondering if Santa comes down the chimney again in March?



Jameson got one of these really fun Aquadoodle mats.  You draw on it with a pen filled with water, and the picture fades after a while.  But safe for anywhere compared to regular magic markers…. no ink!  Just water.   Even Auntie Erin got a kick out of it.  I think we will get some travel sized ones for in the motorhome.

PICT0051_1 PICT0076_1



Heather snapped this pic just the other day….  the stuffed Grover was a special shower present I gave her.. and he is Jameson’s little bestest buddy for naptimes…



Now some time for pics of Chelsea…. she is only 2 months old.. daughter of Erin and Mark…   This is the one I babysit for Mon-Fri as needed.



We are already seeing her quirky sense of humor in her expressions and actions:

sunny monday for chelsea 2sunny monday for chelsea


PICT0010_1 After being a little goofball, she relaxes and crashes off to sleep, Just like her mommy did when she was a little girl.


We had such a time with all three grandbabies… Heather is holding neice Allegra and Erin is trying to wake up Chelsea so we can take some more pics…. 



We are so blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren in our lives. 

To be able to share in the every day joys and triumphs in each of their lives, fulfills us as parents ourselves.

granmuddah love

LIfe is pretty good, doncha think?


  1. With beautiful babies like that, yes, life is very, very good! Thanks for sharing, they are awesome.

  2. They are beautiful! So glad you are getting to spend time with them.


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