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Monday, March 8, 2010

CHEEZEY GRANMUDDAH POST - Newest pics of the grandkids!

Okay, I warned ya!  Thought I should post the newest pics of the grandkids….


Starting with the oldest, Jameson, who is going on 20 months:

SDC10239shopping trip to sams 3_1

blue boyshopping trip to sams 2


babsitting sunday night1babsitting sunday night2


Now, next up is baby Allegra, who just turned three months old!

waiting for the game to start19259_514463570335_161400678_30648469_3444473_n

bright eyeshollywood movie stars

nighty nightnot too happy in stripes



And bringing up the rear, is little Chelsea who is just about 2 months old!

Attachment0Attachment1 (1)

Attachment1Attachment5 (1)



We are truly blessed in having such lovely healthy grandchildren in our lives… 

Thank you, God!


  1. Oh boy, Grandma has every right to be proud of those cuties, the time flies by and get bigger and bigger, our grandson went to dinner last night and he took the picture of Grandma*Grandpa at the restaurant.Sam&Donna

  2. Awww Karen they are sooooo cute. What a joy!!!

    Cindy from Tx

  3. What beautiful grandbabies you have! Makes me miss mine even more.

    Guess I need to get on the phone and have those son's of mine send me some more pictures.


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