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Monday, March 1, 2010

Campground Review - North Bayshore County Park (part II) for Father’s Day



(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long winter---- sigh)

Okay… same campground as my last post… but this time it’s June and we went there together and celebrated Father’s Day!   Same campsite, and we drove in backwards again the same way to access it.  LOL



Ahhh yes, it’s Father’s Day!   And what does this father like to do best? 

Go camping, of course! 

camping on fathers day0_1

We had to chose a place close by, as the kids were all going to join us on the weekend.  This park, North Bayshore, is only about 15 miles from our house, and Erin and Mark’s house in Oconto, but another 35 miles for Heather and Jesse and Jameson to join us.


Jesse, Heather and Jameson         Erin and Mark with the rat dogs, Angel and Domino

fathers day weekend 2009 (44)_1 camping on fathers day2_1


Erin and Mark were babysitting for their friends two little girls, Becca and Hunter.  They sure enjoyed coming to the park… .we took long walks with the dogs, did some crafts, and totally enjoyed being out and about.

camping on fathers day1_1camping on fathers day4_1


Some of the huge willow trees in the park, just starting to leaf out in springtime colorsfathers day weekend 2009 (2)_1 - Copy


I took the girls for a long walk out on the causeway that wraps around the harbor. 

fathers day weekend 2009 (5)_1 - Copyfathers day weekend 2009 (7)_1 - Copy


The girls worked on some craft projects, potholder looms, braided bracelets and beads.  This is such a common activity for my kids when they were little.  I always keep some busy stuff for little kids in my motorhome.  Perfect for rainy days too. 

fathers day weekend 2009 (14)_1fathers day weekend 2009 (15)_1fathers day weekend 2009 (26)_1 - Copy


Plum Tuckered Out

fathers day weekend 2009 (46)_1


Just look at those faces… Grandpaw and Grandson

fathers day weekend 2009 (32)_1


After the kids left, we popped the boat in the launch at the harbor and went out for some fishing… drowned a few worms, didn’t catch much.  But it sure was a nice weekend…..

fathers day weekend 2009 (61)_1fathers day weekend 2009 (67) 2


This is now we haul along the boat AND the scooter when we travel.  The scooter goes on a rack that is in the hitch receiver, and the rack has another hitch ball on it for the boat.

memorial weekend 2009 (29)


I painted the boat trailer, the seats, the oars and even the anchor to match!  

memorial weekend 2009 (65) 


I took this pic from in the boat, looking back to shore… what a pleasant way to end the day

fathers day weekend 2009 (78)_1


So that was our relaxing Father’s Day weekend, complete with some of our kids, a bit of fishing, a bit of napping and a nice comfy place to do it in, our motorhome. 


  1. SMILING!!!!

    Beautiful times!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Ah the warm summer camping months, it won't be long, I believe we've had as much snow here in MO as you guys up in WI.I had to laugh at your doggy decription, Rat Dogs, we have always had a large breed and when our friends show up with their mini schnauzers, and shitzu's Sam calls them car wash mitts,Oh before I forget Thank You so much for your words of kindness on Zeps passing, He had his family including the other dog by his side and just relaxed and went to seep next to our bed,Thats the way to go. Thanks again Sam & Donna.


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