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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Campground Review- Lake Emily, Florence County, WI - Father's Day fishing 2009

(this is one of series of posts of various campgrounds we have been to over the years... I am going through my files in alphabetical order and posting past camping trips in my blog.... something to do over this long long winter---- sigh)

This review kinda hinges on the weekend yet from Memorial Day at Lake Ottawa.  Because after the weekend was over, Steve was continuing the vacation by heading off  for a Guys Weekend!   Steve drove over to Lake Emily (about 25 miles away)   where his dad and brothers joined him for a few days of fishing.  NO GIRLS allowed!

 I have reviewed this campground already in past blogs, but here is some information again:

Here Steveio is hooking up the boat so he can haul it along over to Lake Emily.  National Forest campgrounds like Lake Ottawa don't have pull through sites or room for extra vehicles on campsites.  So we need to pull the motorhome out, then manually pull up the boat trailer and hook it up quickly in the middle of the road, as we are blocking traffic.   Another reason why we don't tow a car, it's a lot of hassle to hook and unhook in the kind of parks we like going to.
memorial weekend 2009 (84)

Ahh, here he is all hooked up now and double checking the lights.  I was standing back to watch that all was working properly while he hopped inside to do "LEFT SIGNAL, RIGHT SIGNAL, TAIL LIGHTS, BRAKE LIGHTS"   our routine.....

memorial weekend 2009 (11)

 In case you are curious how the hitch works with the scooter rack, here is an closeup shot.  The scooter rack goes into the main hitch receiver, and another small hitch receiver to one side for extra balance and sturdiness. There is an extra hitch ball off the end of the scooter rack for the boat to hook onto.  An extension was needed for the light harness to hookup and there, we are ready to roll!

memorial weekend 2009 (29)

From here we drove into Iron River, and stopped at the grocery store with a big list of all the things the guys needed for five days.  This is SERIOUS business, as they are making meals for four big hungry guys.   Once the shopping was done, Steveio dropped me and the two doggers off at Mom and Lowells place in Iron River.  They were still in Florida, but I was going to spend the next five days at their house while the guys fished.   I opened up their house for the season, got the utilties turned on and aired it all out.  Our home was 150 miles away, so it was easier for me to just hang out at their place for 5 days while the guys did their thing.

While there, Erin and Heather came up to visit with me!   They took the dogs back home with them and left me Jameson!  

Wheeeee so I spend some good quality time with the little guy, 
and my friend Cella came over too with her grandson Dante.

Dontcha just love those little toes????

 Steve didn't take too many pics of the weekend fishing trip with the guys.  They did a lot of eating, napping, card playing and a little bit of fishing!   They try to do something special every year for father's day, that usually includes dropping in a line somewhere to see how many they can catch.   Here is brother Pete driving and Grandpa Paul Pfundtner captaining Pete's ship! Dad P and Pete in his boat

Here is the mighty fishing patriarch of the family, Mr. Paul Pfundtner 
Dad P in the boat

Here is brother Mark (lying as usual) and Steveio manning the tiller in our smaller boat. 

Mark and Steveio in his boat
They caught, they ate, they slept and they caught again....  the life of fishermen

On Sunday, Cella drove little Jameson and I out to the campground to meet up with the motorhome.  I cooked a nice meal for the guys before they all left in extra vehicles. It was nice to get back into our own home together.  

Now this was a different experience for little Jameson.  He has been camping a lot in our motorhome, so he knows it well.  But this is the first time he ever RODE in it!  We strapped his car seat to the reversed passenger seat and got him ready.....

in the Pfun Motorhome (3) (1024x768)

And of course we had to pose for a shot.. .this was making HISTORY!!! 

in the Pfun Motorhome (4) (1024x768)

As the big diesel engine started, he was quite excited by that.  He is a Typical Male in that big engines get all of his attention.   Once we accelerated to drive out of the park ... this is the reaction we got:

in the Pfun Motorhome (12) (1024x768)

But once we got outta the park, and less than a mile down the road, he was all zonked out..... 

 And thus ends another weekend for the Camping Pfundtners.....

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  1. Yep it doesn't take much in the way of big,loud and smelly to capture a little guys attention. But once the wheels start turning they don't last long, our grandson is almost nine, and he still zonks out at least halfway to a camping spot. I can only hope Rigg's will like to nap too. Sam & Donna.


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