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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Awaiting Tests - Laying Low At Home - Doggie Dilemma

With this horrible increase in covid, we have decided to stay in and stay safe and lay low.  We did a big curbsite pickup of groceries again, just like in the spring.  We are set for about two months, with the exception of fresh fruits and veggies (but we have frozen or canned), or milk and eggs (which the kids can bring over and drop off on our porch).  So we will be fine again. And yes, we have enough toilet paper... LOL

As for awaiting tests, one of our darling daughters is making it possible for us to be together on Thanksgiving!  They all took tests on Friday, and are in isolation until they get results.  Their 3 kids are off all this upcoming week from both the daycare and their schools... so they are now isolated safe at home and not out anywhere getting exposed.  Once they get the "all clear" either later today or tomorrow, we will be reasonably assured that none of the kids are carrying the virus.  That means they can come and spend the upcoming week with us!!  It's not all of our grandkids, I wish it was, and that they could all take turns.  But at least we can get with some of them.  

Their parents thought it would be a good idea to have them remember "that year in 2020 when we got to spend Thanksgiving week at Grandma and Grandpa's under quarantine".

We have made lists of ideas of things to do, projects to help us with, and stocked up on baking and cooking supplies (and snacks!). The kids will help cook Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  They are also going to help us set up our tree and Christmas decorations and village.  It will be fun.  They are sitting at home right now, ready and packed up with clothes, jammies, and craft supplies, ready to rush over here once they get the negative test results.  

We have been texting and emailing and zooming with the grandkids, but having some of them here in person will be soooooo satisfying.  I think we need this more than they do?


Our stubborn little dog still isn't eating on his own, and I am feeding him softened dry kibble food, one piece at a time, placed in the back of his mouth and tilting his nose back until he swallows it.  

This is how we do it: 

For added calories, we found one type of wet food he slightly tolerates (after buying 12 different types and kinds) and I scoop up a small amount on a wide popscicle stick and slide it into his mouth, kinda scraping it off on the roof of his mouth and he swallows it.  It's like a beef stew with tiny carrots and peas and rice. 

It's not cheap, and it's in small containers for tiny dogs.

He doesn't ever act hungry or even show any interest in food. This is so strange because he used to be a dog with clock in his stomach, and he would remind us each and every time it was time to eat.... and his world revolved around his food dish. 

Sometimes he will eat one tidbit of people food from our fingers, but that is usually in unison with Binney getting a treat at the same time, inspiring competition.  But once he has one bite, he doesn't even want a second one.  He is not a happy dog about this. 

He has lost almost a third of his entire body weight since all this started, so we can't just "let him starve until he decides to eat".  He just won't eat. Unless we force him. 

So I am feeding him 3 or 4 meals a day, once little bit a time, and patiently getting food into him.  His bathroom situation is now normal, because we are getting enough of the fibery kibble food into him, even if the food is softened with warm water ahead of time. That is a relief.  Otherwise we were washing his backside 4 and 5 times a day. Ugh. 

BUT  BUT  BUT we may have finally figured out what is going on with him!  

After a thorough recheck by the vet, his teeth and gums are fully healed. She said maybe a mental association of food with dental pain? 

WELL...  WE NOW THINK the cause is from his dental work, infections, and 3 extractions, the resulting inflammation has caused him to LOSE HIS SENSE OF TASTE AND SMELL!!!   

We looked it up and it's not uncommon for inflammation in the dog's mouth to cause temporary or even permanent damage to the olfactory system, resulting in a loss of taste and smell.  It even happens in people!

It has been just over three weeks since he had the surgery, and we only noticed this last day or two now that he has been SNIFFING outside at things when we walk him, like he's experiencing the world for the first time???  Almost frantically taking in scents and smells from anything he is walking past.  Like where the deer congregate by the apple tree, or where the new sawdust is on the ground where Steve cut down the trees.  He stops and sniffs the air with his nose straight up, like he has caught the scent of something really really good.  

The moment I noticed a change was yesterday when I set down a little plate of heated up soft doggie food stew and he was sniffing at the plate with interest!!! This is the first time I can recall him even being interested in any food at all. 

So maybe we are on the upswing about this, and in a day or two or three he will start eating the softened food on his own from his own dish.  I can feel he is putting some weight on, and we don't feel the sharp bones of his spine and ribs protruding as much any more.  

I am hoping with the grandkids here, he will start scooping up the goodies being dropped from the table, and the little tidbits snuck to him from their hands when they eat.  It might help! 


We are pretty much set for the upcoming winter weather. We might get some snow this week. Steve has the snowblower tuned up, the shovels ready, and a big bag of sidewalk salt in the garage. We have our outside tasks accomplished, and the only upcoming house project is the new windows, which are on order.  They are due to arrive by mid December, and we will start replacing them one at a time, which is done from the inside.  It will be fun and interesting and make a real change.  Right now the 100+ year old wooden ones leak and rattle and have a lot of moisture built up on the inside already.  And frost on the outside!



Five years ago today, my Dad passed away. Just as he wished, in his log cabin, on his couch, after watching the Packers win... 


I am sure he is watching the Packer game on tv right now,
while up in a log cabin in Heaven... 
or sitting in a garage in Heaven.
Packers are winning today, just for him! 

 Each time the phone rings, I still think: "It must be Dad".



  1. I always love reading your posts and am so glad you've found a way to be with some of the grand kids this week

  2. Thanks for your update. New windows...wow! That will be good for your home and the electric bill!

    Wow, poor doggy. I'm glad the ole sniffer is going to town again. Hopefully, Finney makes a full recovery now. Just like with a person, it takes time to heal after surgery.


  3. I wonder if pouring some beef broth over his kibble will work??? Maybe if he sees you pouring people stuff in his bowl, or perhaps, use a people bowl for him... he is so cute and those eyes are really telling you some things are best not discussed.

  4. I hope Finney is back to his ‘ol self soon!


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