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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our Old House with some Weekend Work and some recipes

Oooh can you imagine, we had a weekend without ANY obligations or "have to"s or anything!!!

I started out Saturday morning trying out a new recipe for breakfast... I saw it on Facebook and thought it looked pretty good.

I whipped it up with eggs, ham, cheese and flakey biscuits. 
It came out great and there was enough to reheat the leftovers on Sunday morning too.

Of course, we found a lot of things to do for the weekend.... and got a lot of projects done around Our Old House.  Steve gave the lawn a (hopefully) last cutting... while I emptied flower pots, planted mums, and painted some trim around the flowerbeds.  I even gave a coat of stain to my big two cement planters from the front stoop.  Now they will be fresh and ready for spring planting.

I refinished the top of an old fashioned wooden tv tray table and used my new little sander.  Seems that I wore the other one out on my other woodworking projects so Steve let me buy a new Skil sander on our last trip to Menards.  Whee heee a girl who likes power tools!

Around mid afternoon, I was in the mood to make up a nice dinner.  The house was all neat and clean so we thought of having company over. We invited our neighbors from the back yard, RC and Laurie to come over for a lasagna dinner.  They had us over for a few backyard bar-b-ques and we owed them an invite back.

I love making this recipe.....   
so chose it as my "go to" recipe for company! 

I made up one tray with the chicken/alfredo mixture 
and another pan of traditional spaghetti sauce and ricotta cheese type.

I like making the lasagnas with the "roll up" method instead of layering the noodles.
Make a nicer lasagna that bakes faster,
and you don't have to wait for it to "firm up" before serving. 

Our impromptu dinner party was a success.  I had a salad, some garlic cheesey biscuits and Laurie brought over a dessert. We have been blessed with really great neighbors on all sides of our home here in Chilton.  Plus RC and Laurie have dogs that play with our dogs, and we have some nice doggy play times in our adjoining backyards. 

Sunday morning was perfect for getting a few more small tasks done around the house... after sleeping in late.  We had our lazy front porch setting with coffee and heated leftovers for breakfast. 

The day was beautiful, but we stayed inside. I was enjoying some quiet time in the morning with my treadle sewing machine and working on a quilt.  Steveio changed over the LAST electrical outlet in the house that needed converting.... see pics

You can see why it needed to be changed?  
Look at that old three outlet plug....
All of the wires have been upgraded too,
but this one outlet next to the fireplace we held off until now, 
because we were not sure 
if the fireplace we put in needed electronic ignition or not. (it didn't) 

By noon, the Packer game was on... and after three hours of watching a thorough trouncing of the Bears (age old rivalry)  it was time to take a nap.  Yes... a nice nap with slight breezes wafting in the windows.  This weather for the end of September is amazing.  Temps in the 70's, low humidity, and sunny skies.  ahhhhhhhh perfect weather for napping on the crisp cotton sheets I had taken off the line earlier in the day.  

By evening, we reheated the leftover lasagna so I didn't even have to cook.  Then RC and Laurie asked us over to their backyard patio area for a while....  dogs included.  The other neighbors had their big dog Sammy too, plus RC and Lauries' 3 dogs and our 2....  so we had half a dozen beggars! 

 The big dog by Steve is named Sammy.  
What a lover and he reminds me of my childhood dog named Chief!

Their backyard is always set up for parties and gatherings... 
what a nice spot! 

OH, and to show you the silly sense of humor that our neighbors have,
check out the COUSIN IT in their front yard!

Yup, those are a great big pair of sunglasses! 
teee heee heeeeeeeeeeee


  1. wGreat weekend! the other night we finally opened the jar of pickled beets you gave us. I guess we were waiting for just the right meal! I am not a big fan of most pickeled beets, but yours were really good. We ate half, and will finish them off without delay. Thanks again

  2. Neighborhood fun is just that....fun. Glad you had a relaxing weekend.

  3. I like that no obligations or have to's part. My favorite lifestyle & I work hard to make all my days that way. Like the look of that breakfast finaggle. My kind a yummies:))

  4. Good food and good people, a great way to spend some time. I like Cousin It.

  5. What a lovely weekend! I miss having neighborhood impromptu parties like we had in Ohio. Nothing like that ever in CA! I love how the dogs try to attain that "good dog" pose in hopes of a handout.


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