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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Day Two AFTERNOON of Volunteer Jamboree at Kettle Moraine State Forest Ottawa Rec Area

I am posting the afternoon session before the morning session... because I am double checking name spellings on the morning post and don't want to incorrectly identify anyone. 

After a nice lunch put on by the staff (sub sandwiches, chips, watermelon and big chocolate chip cookies.... we had our choice of four or five different activities to partake in from the jamboree planning committee.  We chose the canoeing and kayaking around the lake... 

Our instructor was a very capable and knowledgeable young gal by the name of Carrie... sorry I didn't get your last name!   This is Carrie and she works at Kettle Moraine Southern Unit at Ottawa Lake Rec Area. 

We helped untie and unload the canoes and kayaks from the rack....
Notice that we were blessed with another BSPC Day 
(Blue Sky Puffy Cloud Day) 

All of the canoes and kayaks were lined up along the edge of the boat landing.

Soon everyone was jacketed up, 
and after a brief instruction plus Carrie's assessment of our canoeing and swimming skills... 
we were to line up and get set to take off.

Since I was the only one who brought along a camera 
(sealed in a zip lock bag when not in use) 
So there are going to be a LOT of pics by request of various camphhost volunteers,
They are going to come here to my blog and save their photos.

We all got on board ...
Steve and I chose a canoe because we have owned one for years 
and knew what we were doing. LOL

We all paddled over to the first buoy and waited for everyone to arrive. 

Carrie explained that Ottawa Lake is a "kettle" lake.... formed by glaciers long ago as they dragged their huge ice formation across the land.  The big chunks of ice, covered in dirt and sludge later melted and left holes or "kettles" in the land.  The lumps left behind are called Moraines.  Thus, that is how The Kettle Moraine State Forest got it's name!  

This lake is spring fed, so it is very clear, but not very deep.  It's only about 27 acres, and the deepest part on one end is 16 ft deep.  Most of it is shallow and most of the edges are surrounded with cattails and reeds.

Off we all paddled to the next buoy to learn some more about the lake. 
This time it was about the fish.... 
mostly walleye, perch, blue gill and most recently long nosed gar 
which was introduced to keep down the bluegill population.

My handsome man piddle paddled me around the lake...

After the third buoy stop 
(and I am sure it was after Carrie assessed each of our abilities to handle our boats) 
we were allowed to venture forth on our own through the waters and around the rest of the lake. 

Some of the folks stayed near shore and circled the perimeter

Some rested and relaxed and chatted among themselves.

We paddled over to explore the cat tails, and look for fish among the vegetation below

We floated on over near a bird house, I assume it's for wood ducks? 

It was such a beautiful day for a paddle around the lake. 
There was a slight breeze and the sun was shining in between the puffy clouds.
We handed off our camera to another couple to take a few shots of US! 

We sold our last canoe when we sold the house up on the Oconto River...
perhaps we should think about getting one again?

Floating over near the big fishing dock, we found some lilypads with one little yellow flower still sticking up.  The petals were pulled in tight, but it was still a flower and I made Steve paddle around it twice until I could get a decent shot of it. 

Something we found among the weeds was this Kong Dog Retriever Toy....
I wonder who might like that?

Finney: "Hmmmmm Hey Duke, come look.... what could this be????"
Duke: "Ya think we can eat it?"

Ooooh TUG OF WAR!!!

I will put more in the next blog about the evening entertainment! 


  1. Not only do they honor you, but they provide kayaks and canoes! Gee, what is next?

  2. Not only do they honor you, but they provide kayaks and canoes! Gee, what is next?

  3. Looks like you had a perfect day for a paddle. We missed not having a canoe or kayak this summer, it would have been nice out on the lake here.

    We are going to try and talk them into buying some so that we can rent them out here at the campground next year.

    It seems like Duke and Finney are going to enjoy their new toy!


  4. I love canoes. I grew up in a canoe on the Allegheny river and have had at least one all my life. Still have one. I started out with a Kennebec canvas canoe which I later fiber-glassed. Then I got an Old Town and later I removed the canvas and fiber-glassed it, too. Now, I have a store bought "plastic" canoe.


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