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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Camping at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, Wisconsin

Oh it's so nice to be camping in such a pretty park.... not that I am biased or anything.  But the park is kept in tip top shape from a fantastic crew, one of which is my husband, Steveio!  Hahaha.   He is the head of the maintenance at the park, and does a little of everything that is needed whenever it is needed.

While we are camping at the park, the nice perk of his job is that he can come back to the campsite and have lunch with me.  His work really varies from day to day, so each day is some new adventure for him to accomplish. Yesterday he was busy with installing park benches...  and he had time for a quick lunch before he was off to do something else.

(as I type the blog this morning, I can hear chainsaws off in the distance.  
I am sure it's Steve doing something somewhere in the park) 

Our doggers are very happy to be camping too.  
They find wonderful places to sniff and new spots to go potty on our walks. 
Plus they can relax in the comfort of the motorhome.
What a Dog's Life. 

As I said in our last blog, our friends Paula and Mel are camping with us this week.  We had hoped to camp with Herb and Karen, but engine troubles kept them at home.  Paula is the sweet person who took the time to teach me how to REALLY quilt, not just baby quilts from kits like I had done in the past when my babies were little.  We planned ahead and brought our sewing machines along.  It was nice and warm on Tuesday so we could take them outdoors and set them up on a table....

Ahhhh quilting under a canopy of green leaves, with chipmunks dashing around and birds singing, once in a while a breeze.  It was a perfect autumn day at High Cliff!

I was working on some quilt squares in a pattern that Paula taught me... and she was working on these cloth microwave bowls.  Turned out pretty nice!   You can see her elegant antique Singer Featherweight machine in the background.  That is a coveted sewing machine among quilters, and I wouldn't mind if it happened to be stowed away in MY storage compartment! LOL

 While we were busy sewing away the afternoon... 
we sent Mel off to get our firewood for the evening.  
Kept him busy and out of our hair.  
We women need our fabric fix from time to time. 

Aren't they just the Cutest Couple Ever????

I took a tumble off the bottom step of the motorhome yesterday, and with arms full of stuff so I didn't have any way to break my fall.  WHOOOOOOOOOMPH down I went!  Nobody was around, so I could swear as much as I wanted to. LOL....   But with a bit of a limp, I got up and soothed my damaged ego, and hobbled back into the motorhome.  A few hours with a bag of ice on my foot, and all was well enough to get on with the day.  I am a little stiff this morning. Good thing the ground was soft! 

When Steve got off work at 4, he was able to help Mel with some repair project on his motorhome (they have the same kind of motorhome as ours)  and we later got supper ready to cook out on the grill.  We ALWAYS eat so good when camping.  Here is a pic for the "foodies" to see... those are grilled potatoes yet under the tin foil, forgot to take it off for the pic.  Steaks, salads, wine and all the fixens.  ahhhhh

After dinner, the guys built us a wonderful campfire.  We spent time laughing and telling stories and sharing all the good campfire conversation... and a few marshmallows too. We had a few coons come on into the campsite once they smelled the marshmallows toasting.  We chased them off a couple times with clapping hands, hisses and stomps of the feet.  This time of year they get so used to people from all summer long, they think begging for food is a way of life.  We shooed them on their way with NO marshmallows in their bellies.  People don't realize the harm they do by feeding wild animals.  Now it's time for the raccoons to forage in the woods, not in our campsites.

The best way to wind up the evening was for Paula and I to polish off a bit of wine... 

Such is the "Night Life" at High Cliff State Park


  1. My mother had one of those featherweight sewing machines, but I don't know what she did with as she got older! You ladies looked like you were having a good time!

  2. I know how you feel after falling down those steps. The other day I fell down the steps off my back porch and my rump bounced off the last three steps. Ouch!! The motorhome has hand grabs, so I have not as yet fallen down those.


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