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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day Two EVENING of Volunteer Jamboree at Kettle Moraine State Forest Ottawa Rec Area

This third blog post from Monday is about the evening of our Volunteer Jamboree at the Kettle Moraine State Forest.  See the other posts before this one to catch up if you just joined us now.

Our evening started after we had our canoe trip and wandering around the park for a while.  We were invited back to the canopy tents for supper.  On the menu were big pans of pulled pork with sauce on buns, salads, fruit, roasted sweet corn (with a smiling Amanda Kutka peeling husks from ears of hot steaming corn, but my camera battery was dead so I missed the photo opp!)

Dinner was followed up by a couple huge sheet cakes of dessert ... and an invite to head on over to the amphitheater again for the evening entertainment. Oh my... my favorite... CELTIC MUSIC!!!

The band's name is Wylde Thyme, from Racine, Wisconsin.  I stole this pic from their Facebook Page:

Here is a link to their page:


They set up on the small stage and introduced themselves. 
What a gorgeous spot in the park for a live concert... 
alongside the lake, 
under a weeping willow tree,
 with the sun setting behind

Just as the sun was setting, a few splatterings of raindrops came here and there... 
but the band started to play anyhow.  

In a few moments, we had a RAINBOW! 

Not sure if anyone over there found a pot of gold...
but the sunset in the other direction was PRICELESS!!!

The band played number after number of all of my favorite Celtic and Irish Tunes.
There was a lot of toe tapping and hand clapping along with the lively music.
I play CD's of Celtic music in my weaving studio all of the time, 
and of course I bought one of their CD's on sale in front of the stage! 

 I have the band's permission to post these clips and information,
Here is a taste of their music

I walked up behind the rows of seats after dark to snap this shot, after the sun set.
There were only a few mosquitoes compared to the night before, 
so the evening was relaxing and enjoyable. 
Beautiful natural music in the outdoor setting was a perfect way to wind up the busy day. 

And the concert ended two hours later on this hilarious note:

We headed on back to our camper in the dark,
humming and tapping our toes with the music still ringing in our ears. 

Thank you, Wisconsin Parks, for treating us with such nice entertainment! 


  1. What a fun time you are having! Wish I had been there for the music - and delicious food.


  2. Your sunset picture is incredible! I have it on my computer as a screen saver if it's okay with you. I have a large Mac computer screen, and when I turn the computer on and this huge beautiful picture shows up, it brings a smile to my face every time. I love reading about your adventures and especially about your weaving.


  3. I just cannot get over how kind they are to their volunteers! Is this a new happening or do this annually?

    That sunset is drop dead gorgeous.

  4. Sure thing, Doreen, you can use it! Yes, Nan, they do this every year! Free camping, food, activities and wonderful door prizes too....more on that in the next blog.


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