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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looms on the move!

After our busy weekend of house projects, this week has focused more into my loom room stuff.  

I am just finishing up this customer order for a Caterpillar Rug ----

It has inlaid sections of knit scraps of socks from factory waste, and on the white rags, they really pop out with vivid colors.  I have also done some of these on black fabric rags, and might try some with blue?

When the rug is done and off the loom, I add more brightly colored yarns to the fringes and twist them with a twisting device to make little rope-like tassels.   How cute is that?
My loom sales are moving right along.  The Newcomb Studio loom will be going to Ellen from Illinois, who is due to pick it up sometime soon.  The big Nilart LeClerc blanket fly shuttle loom might be going to a gal from right here in Wisconsin.   She is seriously thinking about it.  She has to check with her husband on Friday, but it might be going on it's way to a new happy home too.  

Then the 4 harness Union is going to be going to a dear friend from Missouri.  She and another dear friend from Tennessee are going to meet up in Illinois and come here together in Mid March....  we are going to have a good girlfriend week and sort and dig through a lot of my stash.   My empty totes that I bragged about in my last blog will be put to good use, because we are going to fill them up with stuff to send them home with each of them!  LOL 

I will be left with my 2 harness Union rug loom and my beloved 8 harness Tools of the Trade table loom.  Those are going with us in the motorhome.  The table loom rides anywhere--- in the livingroom--- in the basement laid on it's side--- or even out in the Tracker as it's towed down the road.   

The bigger Union loom can be broken down to a pile of boards and couple beams in about 20 minutes, and stowed away in the basement compartments.   A blog reader was concerned if I set it up under the awning of the motorhome for a few days/nights and just cover with a tarp.  She was worried about theft.   Reasonably so....  but we have a cable lock from a motorcycle that works out well to lock anything down to the tire or jack on the motorhome when sitting outside.  Plus, this big ole Union rug loom is a rough looking beat up piece of working equipment. It's like an old shovel or rake to a farmer.  It's a tool.   It's not "purdy" like my table loom, which is worth much more $$$.  

This is my Loom Room studio------ It was originally 2 separate bedrooms but we took down the wall and made it into one huge room.   The future owners can either use it this way as a big family room, or make it back into 2 separate rooms if they wish. 

I still have a lot of yarn to sort, sell or knit/weave up, eh?  Oh you can see a caterpillar rug in black on the rack in the right side of the photo.   Soon I will start selling off the "Sheepie Decor" of the Loom Room and put items on Ebay.  I have been selling quite a few items that way and have only run into one "Whacko" buyer.  She got all upset and up in arms about seeing two shipping charges on the invoice.  (she was being given a choice between Priority or Parcel rate shipping) .   She accused me of hidden fees, changing shipping charges or price gouging her????   I tried with 8 messages going back and forth to explain,  but she could not see the light.  So for the first time since 1999 of selling on Ebay, I have gotten my FIRST negative feedback.  Sigh.  At least I got to state a response to her negative feedback, and hope it does not deter any future buyers of my items. 

Just behind the wide loom room, I have a hallway that leads to a full bathroom, a long closet under the stairs and into the back guest bedroom. Technically it is not a "bedroom" because there aren't any egress windows, so when we stage the house for the market, we will remove the bed and make this an office/sewing/bonus room.   It is kinda L-shaped and we have been using it as a guest room with the closet chock full of my weaving supplies.  The carpeting is all in now, we laid this piece ourselves as it was leftover from half of the loft.  We got the closet doors up but need to finish replacing the trim along the carpeting where it meets the walls.  Then that part of the house is done.

An egress window could be cut out the side of the house, where it would come up near the side deck.  So it could become another bedroom if someone wanted it to be with a little bit of construction work.  

I am planning to move my sewing machine and cutting table into here during the staging process.  Perhaps it will appeal to some crafting person to have a separate room for their needs, along with a big closet to store items in.  Off to the right is another room of mechanicals (water heater, well tank, sump pump and storage shelves)

Lots of options, 
so tell anyone you know about a great house 
that is gonna be for sale soon!

It never hurts to ask, right?



  1. I really like the black caterpillar rug. I bet blue would be beautiful also. You are making great progress on the house and stuff.

  2. The Caterpiller rug is indeed beautiful! WoW! You have even more stuff to find new homes for than I did. Like you, I gave a lot of things away to friends, especially all of my orchids! Leaving some of my stuff that I had collected over the years was hard for me, but the joy of being on the road and becoming an explorer of backroads diminished the pain of losing things that were just "stuff" Good luck in finding good homes!

  3. Wow your house once again is awesome.... where will you put all that weaving stuff??? You do beautiful work!
    Have fun

  4. wonderful house...I'm sure it will see fast....I have to ask....when do you sleep girl!!!!!

  5. Always a bad apple in every barrel!! You guys are going about getting ready to full time in such an organized manner--impressive!


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