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Friday, February 17, 2012

FOR SALE- LeClerc Nilart 12 Harness Loom 60" weaving width


My loom-selling has been going great, this is the LAST loom not spoken for. One sold on Wednesday, and 2 more looms are finding new homes in the next few weeks.  I am putting this one there in as many places as I can, including Craigslist and all the weaving groups and loom sales pages as I can.

Leclerc Loom
Nilart 60"  maple loom
12 harnesses, 14 treadles
low castle with drop in harnesses
jack loom action
front hinged treadles with spring return assist
easy tie up with loops of cords and metal rods
sectional beam (rakes can be removed and restored back to plain beam)
fly shuttle boxes mounted on underslung beater
6 dent reed on the loom


60" wide weaving width
69" width of loom
15" on each side for shuttle boxes, 99" overall width
49" tall
38" deep folded up
60" deep unfolded

Wonderful loom with wide enough width for blankets, and 12 harnesses for creative patterns.  Solid hard rock maple from Canada, the LeClerc looms speak for themselves.  Top of castle slides off to easily add or remove harnesses.  Smooth jack action on dual lever risers that lift the harnesses for a nice large shed.  Back beam can fold inwards to create more studio space while the loom is still warped.

I added the sectional beam rakes but could be easily restored to a plain beam.  Some rust was on the hoops when I bought the rakes but does not hamper the weaving process.
I added the fly shuttle boxes to the beater and found regular shuttles will work, but the end feed fly shuttle in the extra package works even better.  I have also used ski shuttles on this loom for thicker yarns with great sucess for blankets.

The front hinged treadles extend underneath the weaver which is wonderful for "dancing across the treadles" with the feet, but most benches or stools won't get the weaver close enough to the breast beam for easy weaving.  So my husband made the heavy solid sturdy bench in the extra package.  I highly recommend the purchase the extra package which has a much higher value than the $250 asking price.  If the buyer does not select the extra package, I will sell those items separately later.

I bought this loom in Canada and have enjoyed 10 years of weaving on it, anything from narrow scarves to towels to runners to coverlets and blankets.  Very versatile loom.  It can be broken down into very small parts.  I hauled home in the back of Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the piled up pieces didn't even come up to the level of the windows.

I am selling due to moving and downsizing. We are retiring and living in our motorhome, which this lovely loom just will not fit into!  Sad to see it go, and am hoping someone will love it just as much as I have.

Must be picked up, I will not ship and no longer have a truck to deliver.

$1,750 for the loom itself

$250 extra package includes
12 dent reed
custom made bench able to span the treadles to get up close to the loom,
2 large bundles of extra heddles (I think 200-250 in each bundle?)
metal clips to assist with sectional warping that slide over sectional hoops
end feed fly shuttle with 20 wooden pirns that works well in the fly shuttle boxes
60" LeClerc temple/stretcher to weave full width without draw in

MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE ON www.kareninthewoods.com
You can contact my via email:  pfundt@gmail.com

(after reading my first comment from Karen and Al,
I decided to edit this post and add this information)

Never fear, I am NOT getting out of weaving!   ----  

I am going to take my Union rug loom with me, it will break down in 20 minutes and stow in the basement compartment easily enough.  I have room for four large totes of supplies and tools in the basement compartments too.  I can set the big loom up under the awning any time we are parked somewhere for a few days and cover with a tarp at night.  Also at some RV parks with community rooms it would garner a lot of attention (and sales) if I could set it up for a week's stay (with permission) Maybe even give some lessons or take some custom orders??  Who knows.. the sky is the limit! 

Then inside the living area of the motorhome is  plenty of space for the Tools of the Trade 8H table loom... that is my one for towels, totes, and scarves etc.  If we do want it out of the way, it can go in the back of our Tracker vehicle we tow behind the motorhome. 

The spinning wheel always rides in my closet standing upright (castle style) between my clothes to keep it from tipping over

Of course, the sock machine goes in a tool box and sets up on a folding stool that also rides in the closet.  

I have 6 cabinets inside alloted for space bag shrunken down yarns and rovings....  

I think i am all set!!! 


  1. Good luck selling your loom. I'm kinda sad for you...I know how much you love that stuff!

    You're really making progress!!

  2. How I wish I knew how to use that beautiful loom, and I'm so glad for people like you who keep the craft alive.

  3. If it weren't for my age, I think I would be seriously interested in the craft.
    I so admire your moxie and you sure have a lot of it!! Wishing you the best always, Karen!

  4. You will have plenty to work with. The feel of the fibers running thru your hands that brings joy. You will find ways.


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