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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The carpeting is DONE!!!! and Jameson the Baker Boy

Wheeeheee is all I can say!  The disruption of moving furniture from room to room, prepping and replacing, and yes, even paying for it all.... well, it's worth it!

The house looks great and it feels so good to have it all done on the main and loft floors.  (we are going to lay the extra piece from the loft into the extra bedroom downstairs later this week)

The carpeting guys came over Saturday afternoon and finished up the loft. Here is Steve giving it a good vacuuming to pick up all the loose fuzzies.  We are very pleased with the finished result.  Except they accidentally covered over a floor flush electric outlet, but we were able to locate it and cut it free.

The afternoon activity proved to be too exciting and exhausting for the little guy.  All those fascinating tools and supplies, watching the guys go up and down and up and down the stairs.  We kept him out of the way, but he was immersed totally in what they were doing. 

I think he was really sad to see them leave, but liked running around in circles in the big open loft with no furniture.   I remember his mommy doing the same thing when we built this house 15 years ago.  She was 12 at the time and she was rolling from one end of the room to the other, relishing in the new soft carpeting and padding.  I have video of it to prove it! 

As for the little guy, he was busy playing on his *drums* while Granfaddah was doing the droning vacuum cleaner.  I snapped the first pic of him playing, and I kid you not---  within one minute I snapped the second pic.  (note the angle of the sunshine and you will see they were taken one minute apart).   He slowly slid to the side and PLOPPED fast asleep on the floor!

  It was like he just melted, all liquidy and smooth.... and was fast asleep!    
He slept for over 2 hours, so I guess his little 3 year old body needed some rest.  

While he slept, Steveio and I quietly carried up all the things to go back in the loft... the tv, the bedside tables, the lamps, the quilt rack, and even my favorite plant.   (I have kept this one going since my surgery in 2005 -- it came from my wonderful inlaws, Paul and Mary Ann)   Here is a shot from the steps going up into the loft. 

AND----  the bed!  Yes... Steveio and I hoisted this humongous king-sized mattress up those stairs!!!!  Just him and me.  What a job!!!   Along with the 2 piece box springs and the frame and the headboard.  Ahhhhh all together again.  

We set my steamer trunk at the base of the bed where I can keep loading it with treasures to be stored once we hit the road.  It's only about 1/3 of the way full now, and I have more things earmarked to go inside.

We got it all put back together before the little guy woke up.  Once he got up, he gave it the good ole boy BOUNCE TEST.   Yup, it's all set up right.

I dragged the rest of the dusty vines from the bathroom valances through the freshly fallen snow.  That sure cleans them up nicely, and I hung them all back into place above the windows.  Steve did a few little repairs here and there, and little Jameson followed him around with some tools poking out of his pockets.  Granfaddah's Little Helper, for sure.

We got a few more projects done during the evening, and played a few games, read a few stories and had a few cuddles before bedtime.  Jameson cozied up on a pile of quilts on the floor next to our bed, and slept like a log till 8 a.m. this morning.

This morning we had a little project to work on.  Jameson needed to bake some little heart cakes, with the same recipe we blogged about the other day that our granddaughter Chelsea used.

Our Little Baker Boy went to work and stirred that batter up.  He was pretty excited to make them, and it went fast.  The licking of the spoon was important too.

One minute and 10 seconds in the microwave... oh my how hard it is to wait impatiently when you are three years old.   Soon the hearts went PLOP on the parchment paper.  DONE!

We had to cool them off first, 
and then he really helped with the decorating. 
Can't you tell?

Those three hearts were sent home for Valentine's Day.
One for him and one each for his Mommy and Daddy.  

Of course, we baked FOUR hearts..... 
the last of which he shared with his 
Granfaddah and Granmuddah Pfun

This upcoming week is some more straighting and sorting in the loom room.  I have a few ladies coming to look at some supplies and looms.  Next we will attack the storage room and some painting down there.  The second bathroom could use some new vinyl flooring, and I know the closet in Heather's old bedroom has her friends names painted on the wall inside!  10 years ago, we let three teenage girls paint the bedroom, and they all signed their names in the closet with big fat brushes.  I will have to snap a pic before I paint over them....

Heather and Jesse came and stole the little boy from us.  They were on their way back from their weekend in Marquette....  Heather cut 2 tracks on a CD that was being released at a Charity Ball.  The event was benefitting Alzheimers, which has struck a relative of her nearest and dearest 4th-5th grade teacher.  He made the CD and invited Heather to sing some duets with him.   They have been coordinating schedules for the last few months to meet at the recording studio to get this done in time for the Charity Ball.

Also she was featured as a vocalist during the ball, to be part of the entertainment for the event.  She has a GREAT voice (she didn't get it from ME)  and sounds professional and adorable.  Today they had a signing party as part of the release, and they even signed one for me!    I smiled through my tears as I popped in the CD to listen.  That was my payment for the weekend of babysitting, a free CD.  I am sure to wear it out.  Heh heh.

I will release more details on the CD once she gives me the links.



  1. To funny how Jameson plopped over and fell asleep. Hard work for a 3 yr old to keep up with you two!
    The carpeting looks good. to bad I am not in the market for a house in Oconto!
    Enjoy the CD. We have one our DIL did a couple of years ago with her quartet. She also has has an amazing voice. She sang at son John's wedding this past July.
    Don;t work yourself to death. Take time to relax with some wine.

  2. wow a busy weekend to say the least...glad to see its all coming together even while babysitting...you never stop girl!!!!

  3. You sure are getting lots done on the house. I think it will sell fast when you put it on the market. Love the picture of Jameson asleep on the carpet. I remember Alex doing that one time at the dinner table, his head just flopped down on the table and he was out for the count.


  4. You are burning rubber and makin tracks! Way to go!

  5. This is the kind of piece I will definitely be sharing my friends today:-)


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