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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visiting with our RV friends - Jim and Dee and the Tumbleweed

As with most of the country, we are sweltering away with high humidity and heat indexes over 100...WHEW! The Weatherman on tv just called it "Mega Muggy" ...ewwwwww

Am I the same person who was complaining back in the winter 
when it seemed like the snow and the cold would never end?
What was I thinking??????

Our friends Dee and Jim Walters are here for a nice visit in our driveway.  Besides visiting and touring the area, they are catching up on projects like repairs, cleaning and some vehicle maintenance too.  When you are a full time RVer like they are, it's hard to find places to hole up for a bit, get your mail delivered, find some good local repair places and take it easy.  We are so happy to get to visit with them, and offer a place to hang for a while.

You can follow their blog here:  http://tumbleweed-jimdee.blogspot.com/

Jim and Dee are hunkering down in the AC in their fifth wheel (called The Tumbleweed) out on the driveway gravel.  It's partially shaded from the garage on the back side a bit, but mostly a big white box out in the sunshine....  the AC unit is working morning noon and night to keep them comfortable.  We only have a 20 amp hookup for them, but as long as their fridge and water heater are on propane, there is enough amperage to run the AC and their TV, laptops and cell phone chargers.  They assured us they are doing fine, but I wish we had better weather to entertain them with!   This is soooo unusual for Wisconsin. 

On Sunday, the guys went out in the boat for a while on the river. Steve took Jim up a ways to where the Little River joins the Oconto River.  Jim snapped some great shots that capture the feeling of our little calm river that floats by our home....

Here they were winding their way among some of the little islands that dot our river... finding the cool spots in the shade as they puttered upstream in the boat.

Captain Steveio at the helm, unsticking them from rocks in some shallow water by using oars. Otherwise they had the small motor running to putter upstream and back down to our house again.  
(I painted the oars to match the seats... teehee)

 It was a lovely blue-sky day... but horribly hot and humid too!

 Jim was brave enough to hand his expensive camera over to Steveio to snap a shot!  It turned out pretty good, because Steveio usually wiggles or emphatically bobs the camera in the same movement of pushing down the shutter button.  Why?  I have no idea.  It's a motion saying something like: "There... Got It!"

While the guys were playing on the river, 
Dee and I were working on knitting hats with the KNifty KNitter hoops... 

I have no idea why we were working on heavy wool winter hats in the middle of a heat-wave?  Wishful thinking perhaps?  Dee caught on fast, and we were fibernating the morning while waiting for the sweaty soggy heat-soaked guys to come back off the river.

It kept getting hotter and hotter... so by afternoon we all holed up in our air conditioning and tried to stay cool.  We hung out down in the loom room where our one portable unit was (the rest of our house has no AC) ...  so they hauled in some lawn chairs and made themselves at home in the one cool room of the house.  I have NEVER had any non-weavers spend THAT MUCH TIME in my loom room before!  I tried to get them to weave a rug or two, but it was too hot.

I think the heat was getting to me... so we cancelled some evening dinner plans with our fellow RVing buddies Sharon and Fred.  It was just toooo hot to even think of grilling outside, or cooking inside.  We grabbed sub sandwiches from Subway and retired early to our beds, with the heat index wayyyy too high for any comfort.

So if you see some blobs on the sidewalk, holding a fishing pole or knitting needles, you will know it's either me or Steveio..   toss us in a freezer and see if we regenerate back into our old selves, please?



  1. Lordy, that is hot! No A/C in the house reminds me of living in MN. Aaaagh! Glad you four are having a good time together. Nothing like time spent with friends. I'm not cooking this week, either; it's salads and light fare for us. Too hot to even grill right now. Stay cool and enjoy!

  2. "When you are a full time RVer, it's hard to find places to hole up for a bit, get your mail delivered, find some good local repair places and take it easy."

    Good line. I'm gonna' remember this! Sounds like it's a good way to score some driveway space. (Truth is, it's not hard at all!)

    Stay cool.

  3. I'm watching the baseball game on tv and they suggest you take cabbage leaves, dip them in ammonia and put them under a ball cap to keep you cool.

    I suggest you just put your lawn chairs under the sprinklers.


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