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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

RV Dreaming in Wisconsin tonight!

We are very lucky today to have our wonderful RV Dreamer friends come for a visit!   Jim and Denyse (Dee) are full time RVers who met up with us in the RV Dreams chat room wayyyy back in Sept 2009.

Over the years we have chatted, emailed, and shared stories pictures and dreams!
They hit the road full time in Dec 2009 and we have been following their blog ever since.  Dee has made me and all newcomers to the chat room feel welcome and introduces us to all the regulars.

They are routing themselves around the eastern coast, up through Canada and down through the Soo locks to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  They spent last night Escanaba, and headed down to see us today!!!

They got here about noon    wheee heeeeeee   a knock at the door and big big hug.. what more can you ask for?

Jim turned the rig around down on the next intersection,  and came back to back in the rig.. whew what a MONSTER of a fiver!  It's a 37 ft Carriage Cameo and it's their full time home.  Dee follows behind in a Rav 4 so they have a low-mileage vehicle to run around with when they park somewhere.

Here he is backing in our drive... just LOOK at those huge back windows from their livingroom!   Too bad he was backing in where their only view out those magnificent windows is the door of our garage---- LOL

Ahhh there it is.. .side by side with our rig... which looks much smaller than their huge castle!

They are all set up in the Campground Pfundtner for a week or so....   what a great time we are going to have!

During the week in advance of their coming, they routed all their mail and shipments of things ordered to be shipped to our address.  When you are a full-time RVer, you have a mail forwarding service but many mail order companies won't send to a PO Box....   Jim wanted this cool vest, so he ordered it during the week and had it shipped here.   He modeled it for us... what a show!

We enjoyed the afternoon together in their rig....  and then Steveio came home from work. He fired up the grill so we could have a batch of local bratwurst and burgers from the meat market down the road.  Added a tub of tater salad, some baked beans and a big big bottle of wine~!   (gift from Sam and Donna---- THANKS!  we raised a glass in toast to you guys!)

Now if you want to read about the events from Dee's perspective, read here: 

As a matter of fact, we are out on the deck, working on our blogs together... 
ain't the INTERNET GREAT???????

Who knows what we are doing tomorrow?  

Tune in and find out?


  1. So fun to meet friends in person that we've come to know and love on line. You guys are going to have a wonderful week.

  2. Glad to see Jim & Dee made it to Wisconsin,Sam says to send Jim to the train Museum in Green Bay while you girls do some shopping, it's a fun place and very interesting. Also the steam train ride we took, Jim will enjoy the cab ride option I'm sure.Let us know when you run out and we will send you another bottle of that local wine. We miss you guys, I know Jim & Dee will love their stay up in your neck of the woods, It was so much like home to us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Nice vest Jim! LOL

    Glad you guys made it safely. The deck looks like a comfy spot for chat!


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