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Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Fun with Jim and Dee- and a STINKY BARN???

Ahhh we are having such a nice time with our RVing buddies, Jim and Dee from the blog

They are full timing RV friends we met through Howard and Linda's http://www.rv-dreams.com/

They are parked here for a while in our driveway in their big fifth wheel RV.  We are sure enjoying their company and sharing of stories of places they been and places they are gonna go!   We are sure jealous.... 

She baked the most wonderful rhubarb strawberry pie for dessert...  wow it was perfect flaky crust and baked to perfection.  What a great treat... I think we will keep her here for a few months if she keeps this up!

Friday was a day to hang out at the house and get some cleaning done for Jim and Dee.    Jim got all the vehicles washed while Dee attacked the interior with polishing, cleaning, vaccing and going through cabinets and bins...   It's good to do this once a year, if you find things you haven't used in a whole year, it's time to toss em out!  We gotta do this to our rig again too. (note to self)

Saturday morning we headed out to Green Bay to get a few things from the local RV store, Van Boxtel RV  http://www.vanboxtelrv.com/   We had fun roaming up and down the aisles, drooling over the newest-latest-greatest RVing toys and accessories.  Jim and Dee bought a few things to add to their rig.  One was an extra door handle for their inside of the screen door.  This makes it easier to close from the inside.

After we all dozed off for some little afternoon shut-eye, we old folks decided to get up and out and go for dinner.  The heat and humidity are climbing to heights that just make cooking a chore.  So Dee and Jim decided they need to take us out for dinner as a treat for staying in our yard.  We didn't think they needed to do that, but they insisted.    We drove them around a bit to see a few of the sights... and then whisked them off to a special place.  You know, Dee LOVES barns.. and snaps pics of them even while driving down the road.

Soooo what better place to take them than THIS????  
We are going to eat in a barn?????

The slogan of the place is:   

When you come through the doors, you go down into the lower portion of the barn.. right where the cows were milked and fed and yes... pooped!   (it don't stink any more)  We bellied up to the bar and had a drink.  Both Steve and Dee had a special beer from a local micro-brewery called...  what else?  SPOTTED COW!    Not kidding.. yes, there REALLY is a beer named that!

The decor was definitely "bovine" in theme....

The food was good down-home cooking....  we splurged on broasted chicken 
even through Steveio watches his cholesterol, Jim had a steak and Dee had shrimp.  
Homemade rolls, salads and soup accompanied the meals and was quite tasty.   
We were soooo full! 

 Ahhhh what a fitting end to a lovely day in rural Wisconsin! 


  1. That looks like a fun place to eat, and the food looks good too. Bet you all had a great time.

  2. Now you have me thinking about stopping if I go through Wisconsin again on the way back to CA. I really liked it except for the traffic in and around Milwaukee.

  3. It's so fun to be able to share fun times with good friends, old and new. Love the idea of a Barn Tavern.

  4. Looks like my kind of place! :) Wisconsin does seem to have a lot of really good places out in the middle of nowhere. Looks like you all are having a great time!

  5. Never have known what broasted chicken is. I guess it's breaded chicken that is roasted?? At least that's what it looks like in your picture.

  6. Anyone wanting to visit the Steve & Karen campground, I would highly recommend it, BUT beware. They feed you too good,I gained 5 lbs while there. And dont worry about traffic,not like Milwaukee.

  7. Hey Judy---broasted chicken is dipped in a batter, then put in a deep fryer that is pressurized... so it pushes the flavorful juices deep into the meat (and the fat into the broasted coatings---LOL) we try to pick off the coating as much as we can so less fat in the belly. Steveio has to watch the cholesterol so this is a REAL treat for him!

  8. What a fun time we're having. It's really nice to be able to wash and get things clean. In a regular park it's hard to use extra water, it's not allowed. Thanks Karen and Steve.

  9. Wow~Food looks yummy and the Rubarb/Strawberry pie (my honnies favorite) looks really good! Glad you all are enjoying your time together and I know where I am headed next time I am in Wisconsin... LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. I love barns too. I'd eat there. I'm now following both you and it's fun to see the same picture on two different blogs. Hope you are having a great time.

  11. Too fuuny, what a great eating place. And booze and guns on a trap range, how can anything get better than that? ;c)

    You WI folks sure know how to have fun!

  12. I.M. always amazed at the folks that can't seem to understand why anyonesomebody would want to live fulltime in an RV. As yer post shows, it ain't just the places we all go, it are also the folks we get to know.


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