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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ahhh relaxing on the shores of Lake Michigan at Kleinke Park

Thursday night we loaded up the rig... waiting for 3pm on Friday so we could bugger outta town.  The temps were in the low 80's with high humidity.  So the best place to go was along the shores of the waters of Green Bay where they open up into Lake Michigan.

North of Marinette Wi and into Menominee MI is a stretch of road called M35.  There are five campgrounds along this road between there and Escanaba, MI.  We knew we would find a  camping place at one of them if we got there early enough.   (Kleinke, Wells, Cedar River SF, Fox or Fuller)

Considering the high temps forcast for the weekend, we thought we try for a campground with electrical hookups so we could run the air conditioning if we needed it.  First on the list is Kleinke campground, which has 50 amp service throughout the park, located on the beach, and with a nice neat layout.  It's a tad bit close to the highway so you do hear the noise, but we can put up with that for all the rest this place has to offer.

We like site number 24 the best.... and what do we see as we pull in???  Only five empty sites, and one of them just happens to be site number 24~~~~ and 25 next to it was empty too!  What luck!   No Neighbors! 

We pulled it and got set up toot sweet, and plugged in the fat 50 amp cord to the box.  Wheeeee  enough power to crank both of our rooftop air conditioners and bring the coach down to a comfortable level inside--- after driving with only the front dash air on. 

At $24 a night, this place is a bargain, considering there are no additional sticker fees for vehicles, or tow vehicles, or for extras like kids or dogs etc.  Just a straight $24 a night and that is it.  

We relaxed for a while and then started up some supper.  I fried up some of our Otto's Steaks from Meyers Wholesale in Caspian, Michigan.  Fried up with some mushrooms, onions and slid onto buns.  Add some salad, and a bottle of wine from our RV friends Sam and Donna.. topped off with a pewter cork stopper from our other RV friends Mary and Rich.   Ahhhh what a feast!  With the hazy atmostphere in the background you can't even see the horizon between the sky and water. 

After we partook of our sumptuous meal... we put on our shoes and took these doggers for a nice long walk.    We enjoy this park because it is very dog-friendly.  The dogs are allowed on the beach, on leash, but can go all the way up and down the whole area freely.  That is almost unheard of in most state parks. 

We strolled along the beach.  It's too bad the waters are so low in the Great Lakes.  
There used to be water all the way up to where the line of the campsites are.  

Here and there along the beach are sections of small dead fish, called alewife.  These are not as bad as the hoards and piles of them further down the bay along the west shore along Door County.  I guess once they spawn, they die and float along shore.  Yuck!  Some parts of the beach were clear, and others had some in small scattered areas like this photo.  I think this was the thickest spot I found. 

We enjoyed our walk all the way down to the picnic area.   A small stream comes down and winds it's way among the dunes to reach out into the lake.  Duke stopped to lap up a bit of water from the stream.

 Some pretty vines are growing along in the sand, with the tiniest little yellow flowers.  Too cute!   We had to stop and do a photo op, as there was a post to set the camera on.  We are such TOURISTS!  

Ahhhh our walk was done, and we pulled out our chaise longers and relaxed for the evening.  We don't get the sunsets on this side of the lake as we are facing east.  But we will get a wonderful sunrise in the morning!

I took out the laptop and the Verizon Tablet which becomes our aircard and our router--- which lets the laptops operate on the internet too.   Steve can fiddle with the tablet while I am on laptop at the same time.  We just changed over to Verizon last week and we are sure liking it.  Sadly, we had to change our phone numbers though, they weren't able to port them over to the new service.  If you need our new phone numbers, email me for them.

Here is the info on the Galaxy Tablet:

 As the sun was going down, 
this is how we are living the 
Good Life
 this weekend..... 




  1. Your furbabies are just beautiful. I think they're enjoying the journey as much as you are. I'm not sure I'd be up early enough to see the sunrise.

  2. That does sound like a bargain, and it's a pretty campsite too. Well done! Hope you are up early enough to see the sunrise.

  3. I'm waiting for some sunrise pics.

    How is the tablet working for you? Big enough screen? Windows?

  4. From a dog's point of view those dead alewife's will make for a great 'rolling in' spot once they get a little riper. Yes, we have noticed how much the water levels have been down on the Great Lakes as well. We switched to Verizon 3 years ago & been totally satisfied ever since. I had never heard of a 'Galaxy Tablet' before so will have to go look up what that is & does....

  5. great looking spot and like the dog's name a swell :)

  6. What a wonderful place to be... I would love it there! Your dogs are really beautiful!!1
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. So glad you enjoyed the MO Vino, Haven't been able to follow much blogging this week due to no wi-fi, this is coming to you compliments of McDonalds.Looks like Ducky & Duke are enjoying their campout. Poor Rigg's had to stay home since dogs have been banned at the Lake. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna...


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