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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cancer Benefit for Michael (Fuzz) Andersen from April 24, 2010

My brotherinlaw, Michael (Fuzz) Andersen has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Bone Cancer of the jaw, lymph nodes and part of the tongue.  He underwent intensive surgery to remove the bone, and replace with a bone from his leg, .. he is now going for 6 weeks of radiation and chemo back down to Ann Arbor, MI.  They have to stay at a hotel for the duration and are dealing with the horrible piles of bills and expenses.  They have no insurance.  

So everyone participated in a raffle held  by Linda's place of work, Stephanie her co-worker and Barb her boss, really did up a huge event, food was catered in by Ma's Cafe, Brenda, and plates were $8 each.  They had live entertainment, raffles, 50/50 and a silent auction.  We all chipped in items to be raffled off.....  We brought up a trunkful of sporting goods stuff, and some homemade wool socks.  Then the handwoven rug I donated brought in a wonderful bid of $1000.00  !!    

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april6
Library ladies selling tickets and collecting for the dinner at the door
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april9

    Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april7
A contest of guessing how much firewood was in the back of this truck...  and for $2 you could guess.   It was 267 pieces?  (I think that was the total) and someone guessed 266!   They win the wood! 
  Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april24

Me with my Sketti Boy! 
  granmuddah and sketti boy
Quilt Donation
 Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april27
The Thousand Dollar rug!  lol
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april28
Many tables of raffle items
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april29 
Silent Auction table
 Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april34

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april53
Kitchen crew working their food magic
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april35
great desserts made with love
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april43
Olympian snow boarder Nick Baumgartner made an appearance
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april50

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april32
more raffle picnic items with patio chairs donated too 
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april54
people bought tickets and placed them in the boxes of items they wished to win
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april56
our daugther Heather just put in another wad of tickets! 
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april61

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april63

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april64

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april83M
Me and my sister, Linda... (Schmoo) 
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april112
Jameson colored a picture for his Uncle Fuzz
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april139
The anonymous donor of 1,000 bucks for the rug was none other than Fuzz's own brother, Jim! 
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april161
The event was held at the fire hall, so the kids got to go see the firetrucks at the end
(fluorescent lighting is hard on the focus of the camera) 
Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april164

 Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april188

Fuzz Cancer Benefit 2010 april166
Nephews Dar-Bear (Darren) and Matt-toot (Matt) being their own goofy selves....
dar bear and matt toot
Darren won this hat.. .but later gave it to niece Allison because she really really wanted it... how cute! 
dar bear modeling his new hat


  1. It is sad we have to have these fundraisers..yet this look like an awesome one! That quilt was beautiful!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Oooops sorry Cindy, I didn't have the words on the blog post yet when you read it. I had to add them later because I hit PUBLISH too soon!~ ACK!

  3. Hope is all I can offer. Many years ago, when I did outdoor art and craft fairs, I Knew a woman who had bone cancer in her jaw. With treatment she survived. They removed half of her face.

    My hope for your brother inlaw's survival is well intended.

  4. Hey that is okay..now I understand the who!! I am so sorry. We will keep him in our prayers.


  5. What an amazing post, Karen. Thanks for posting the story and so many photos. It was just like being there. I hope enough money was raised to help your family out with these extreme expenses. God Bless all of you.

  6. It looks like the community really came forward for Michael. Hoping he will do well.


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