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Friday, April 23, 2010

Bits of this and that for the day….

Well, no camping this weekend.  Instead, we are heading up to Mom and Lowell’s house tonight to bunk out there this weekend.  We are spending the weekend up north in Iron River, Michigan for a cancer benefit for my bro-in-law Fuzz (Michael Andersen)  this weekend. 

He has stage four bone cancer and just underwent a complicated surgery where they removed his jaw bone, and took a bone from his leg to reconstruct it.  Some nodes and tissues were also removed and he is on the road to recovery from that.  Next comes the chemo and radiation for 6 weeks, which is going to be a long tuff haul.  No insurance, so we are helping with a benefit to raise funds to help them out.   I am bringing a big handwoven rug, some good woolen socks, and I found a whole bunch of good things to add to the silent auction and raffle yesterday after a visit to our local Pamida store.  Steveio is donating the extra gas grill he got for his birthday yesterday (I bought him one, and he went and unknowingly bought one for himself too!)    The kids are coming along, and they are adding more goodies to the pot.   Will post pics afterwards… its a spaghetti dinner being catered by a local restaurant and there will be a band for music… Linda’s friends at the library are helping to pull this all together.


Schmoo and Fuzz -- (Linda and Michael Andersen)

Ottawa Lake 2009 August17


We sure have been hit with a lot of family illness lately. 

My mother-in-law, the sweetest lady in the world, MaryAnn Pfundtner is undergoing chemo and radiation for stage 3 breast cancer.  She is very brave in her battle.   Even with all her troubles, she still managed to get a package in the mail for Steveio’s birthday yesterday!   We are praying for a good result from all the chemo, and hoping that things will get better for her.

birthday 2


Then, our grandson’s other grandpaw, Kevin Wade (our son-in-law Jesse’s dad)  is battling pancreatitis and has been severely ill for 4 weeks in the hospital, hovering in and out of a paralytic coma and on ventilator machines.  It’s been really touch and go, and Kevin is battling hard to beat this.  His wife Lisa has been on a never-ending vigil at his bedside.  It’s been a very rough time for the family.  Our daughter Heather and sweetie Jesse are doing all they can to help.  Jameson has been coloring pictures for his Grandpaw, The Big Dude… as Jameson is his Little Dude. 

 visit to g and g wades (3)


And now, to top it off, my nephew Mikey, son of my brother, Butch,  is having serious trouble with his stomach and undergoing more testing with that.  


We have just been hit from all directions with this… and prayers or kind thoughts are appreciated.  So many people all at once, none really blood  related to each other, but all are in our hearts and our thoughts each day.


A couple of cheezy granmuddah pics here to share of the grandkids:

Allegra Grace (4 months old)



Jameson Michael (21 months old)

snow day with granfaddah1budding artist0

jameson from heathers phone1SDC10209


and Chelsea Mae  (3 months old)

sleepover at granmuddahs0sleepover at grandmuddahs 1in granfaddahs camper1PICT0093_1



So today I will finish up the last few pairs of socks, and I am babysitting little Chelsea today till Erin or Mark comes later to pick her up.  Then when Steveio is done with work, we will head out.  About 120 miles up there from here.


  1. Boy when it rains it pours, thats why I never forget to include a prayer of thanks for the good health my children & grandchildren have been given. Well pray for your folks too. Sam & Donna

  2. My heavens that is certainly a lot of serious illness you all have going there. My prayers will be added to the rest of them. Also, I'll add an extra prayer for a successful fund-raiser! Please, let us all know how it goes. Good luck and safe travels this weekend.

  3. We are new to your blog (haven't made a comment) but have been reading for awhile. Just started full-timing in August.

    I couldn't help making a comment today. You guys are going through some storms right now with all the illness. Just wanted you to know we will be thinking about you all and keeping you in our prayers. Good luck with the fund raiser.

    "Dont tell God how big your storm is, Tell your storm how big your God is." ~ ~Unknown

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Thanks for sharing in your blog- one of my personal favorites. I hope and pray that these tough times will be behind you soon. ~Marti

  5. Sending positive thoughts your way Karen and Steve.

  6. So VERY sorry to hear about all the sickness that is affecting your family! You will all be in my prayers.

    What beautiful babies! They give everyone something to fight for, don't they? I pray that all these adults who love them will be around for years to come.

    Kerri in AL

  7. Just wanted to provide you with a wonderful source of information for cancer prevention and cancer survival. It is www.cancerproject.org
    I hope this information will be of help to you and your family.


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