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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Campground Review – Veterans Memorial Park - Part 2


This is the second part of the Veterans Memorial Park review… yesterday’s blog at:

http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/2010/04/campground-review-veterans-memorial.html    has more information on the park itself. 




Ahhhhh it’s now Sunday morning in the campground.  The winds died down and it’s gonna be a gorgeous day!    It got down to 29 degrees last night BRRRRR    but the sun is shining, the muffins are baked, the coffee is done and it’s gonna be a NICE day!

Couch hogs gotta huddle close to their Master!



this is my Easy Bake oven.. more on that later


Steveio is going back to haul some more firewood this morning and I think I might go along to help stack into the truck.  I appreciate those winter fires in the fireplace at home as much as he enjoys building them.  So I guess I can do my part.   LOL


Yesterday was very nice, though windy.  We took a long walk down along the waterfalls… which are just beyond the picnic and playground areas of the park.



No doggies allowed in the picnic area, so we skirt around wide by the edge of the woods and walk to the falls… nobody here to enforce the rule, but we obey it anyhow.  And we  ALWAYS carry doggie doo-doo sacks in case they decide to leave a deposit.  Haha!



The walk down the bank to the falls is steep, so the park system put in timbers to make steps, and half way down it turned to very old stone steps, with marks of being chiseled and made to fit.  Very cool!  Wonder how old they are?





The falls were just as lovely as last year when we were here.   You can walk around the other side and stand on the bridge too.  But after the bridge, the trail doesn’t lead anywhere.   I think it was built just to be able to walk across the falls and look down at it?


We each posed for a picture… along with the required blog pic of the dogs… LOL




THEN… we almost lost Dukie’s little Palookie!   haha

dukie took a palooki_1

It was the same thing as last year at the same spot!   He slipped backwards down the stony slope into the river and Steveio had to pull him out!  He hit the shore and was not too happy about his wet little Palookie Butt. 


We wandered along the river bank down river from the falls, and cut up through the woods till we got back into the campground again. 


This is a quiet lazy sandy part of the river… you could see fish swimming around under the clear glass surface.  Amazing that just a few hundred yards upriver was frothing foamy waterfalls and rapids and rocks.    It was a perfect blue sky day… and this part of the river Dukie gave a wide berth…..  figures where there is no current, now he is careful!



These little blue flowers were so detailed looking and perfect, at first I almost thought they were plastic!  First blooms of the season for us northerners. 



We were walking along and Steveio asked about the direction on my compass on the top of my walking stick, what did it say?   I had bought this stick at a Flying J in Mississippi or Alabama last year. It was on sale really cheap, like 75% off .. I think I paid $10 for it.   Well, I looked down at it and told him it’s broke, it don’t turn.  Haha the joke was on us old fogies who didn’t wear the bifocals today.  It’s really a thermometer, NOT a compass!   And it’s in Celcius!     I never knew that when I bought it.  No wonder it was on sale!!!


Our Canadian RVing friend, Seann, is always giving us a hard time about only giving temps in “F” instead of “C”…. so now this will forever be known as My Cannuckie Walking Stick!     (is it spelled Cannuckie or Canuckie?)


After our walk, Steve got out one of my favorite camping tools… 

PICT0029_1 We don’t have an LP oven in our rig, just the convection/micro combination.  There ain’t no way I am gonna run the danged generator for 3 hours to roast a turkey breast in the convection oven!   So this is such a nice compromise.  It runs off LP, either the little 1 pound cylinders or attach a hose from a BBQ grill tank or a line off a camper.  If I use it in the camper, I crack a window, and set it on a cookie sheet on the table just to be sure.  But the sides are double insulated layers so it’s pretty cool to the touch.  My only complaint is the knob on the side it too easily bumped into ON position, and gas will fill the oven if you are not there lighting it.   A kid or an accidental shuffling of things around can turn it on.  It’s not a strong definite click on or off.    So each time we use it, we are sure to remove the tank or hose right away when done, so nobody accidently lets the gas escape.  It’s nice to take it outside and cook on the picnic table too, keep excess heat out of the rig when baking during the summer months.


We roasted a rolled turkey breast in the little Easy Bake Oven (nickname my family gave it)



Supper was a delight.. why does food always taste better when you are camping?


It was still too windy for a campfire, and the tv stations were warning of the fire dangers all around, so we did not chance it either.  Usually we like to sit out around the fire for the evening hours.   Instead I took out my spinning wheel and spend some more time playing with my fibers.


We took one more walk around the campground before the sun set.  We got neighbors!  A pickup truck camper was parked in site number one with a nice couple and two tiny yorkshire terrier dogs.  We said hi and exchanged a few pleasantries.   Then we wandered back to our camper and settled in for the night.  Steveio watched a rented Pink Panther movie on DVD (the old Peter Sellers as Inspector Cluseau)  and I sat in chat for a while. 

Oh, I reran the channel setup with the new antenna head on there, and it pulled in two more stations than the batwing did, so I guess that makes it a *keeper*  for us.  Seems in the evenings after dark we get more stations than during the day.  Wonder why?

We only took our batteries down to 85% level last night before bedtime.  This morning they are charging back up and almost topped off by 9:30 am.   That solar array is working nicely for us.


Well, time to hop in the shower here and get started on my day… sure wish we didn’t have to pack up and go home later.  But the workaday world beckons.  3 years and 4 days till retirement  (Steve’s birthday is on Thursday----)    he can retire when he reaches age 55.


  1. What a lovely place, and you took such beautiful pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Shame you have to leave, but you can do it again soon, as it's not far from your house.
    When I was working I used to go somewhere every weekend. Gals at work would ask me where I was going, I used to say "Wherever that Dodge RV takes me!" But you can't go too far on a weekend, or traveling cuts into your camping time.
    So you are very fortunate to have such a lovely place close by.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Hey Penny... I know what you mean! There are only 22 weekends to our camping season, and I wanna go for each and every one~! Yes, we are lucky to have quite a few national forest, township and county campgrounds within about 60 miles of our home. Makes it easier on the fuel budget and saves more for camping fees.


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