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Friday, April 2, 2010

Update on Family and Macramé Woven Lawn Chairs

Update on some family medical problems....

Steveio's mom has undergone her first chemo for her breast cancer.  She is feeling ok and will join us for Easter Dinner on Sunday.  We are hosting the event with 28 of the Pfundtner Clan on Sunday.  Hope she has the strength to come this far (110 miles) and doesn't over do it.

Brother-in-law Fuzz made it through about 14 hours of cancer of the bone surgery yesterday.  He was in the recovery room as of last night and doing good.  The cancer has spread more than they thought, not just the jaw bone and lymph nodes, it was also around to the base of the skull, the back of the tongue and the front lower lip.  It will be a long haul from here for him and my sister, Linda.

Our little grandsons' other grandfather, Kevin (Jesses' dad)  is on day 8 in the ICU in critical care for a pancreatic attack.  Things are dicey and he is being sedated and is on ventilator and  feeding tubes.  He is such a strong and hearty man, this is a real shock to know he is so sick.

Please pray if you feel so inclined for our family at this time.

Some of my blog readers have asked about our woven lawn chairs.

Our lawn chairs are handmade by me… its a technique that uses macramé cord (the braided is better than the twisted)  and two big crochet hooks.  Using graph paper,  one can make just about any design.   They are very comfortable and warmer to sit on around campfires at night compared to the plastic strap webbing type, or thin canvas.   We use the heaviest frames we can find.  Usually the rounded metal pipe frames are better than the lightweight square aluminum tube frames.   We have been known to buy new chairs, cut off the webbing, and then weave them into the desired patterns.

This is a link to the website that has instructions:

Here are some that myself and my sister have made over the years, starting with ours:
PaFundtner Chairs
(the pine tree motif matches the ones used on our home)

These are ones made for family and friends:
umpee chairAug29857 (1024x768)

Aug29858 (1024x768)chaise lounges

lisas chair bob seniors chair0

ma's redone chairslowel's chair

schmoo and fuzz chairsma and pa fuzz anniversary chairs

topher and missy chairstraceys chairs


  1. Those chairs are awesome..girl you need to take orders for those!!!!

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Karen,you have our prayers, wow, all that in one family, we just got over a year like that, Donna had her heart incident last spring,and we lost Sam's younger brother Rick in Dec to cancer, Tell Steveio to have his colonostomy, Cancer is relentless and doesn't spare any family. Wish I had the patience and skill you do Karen the chairs are neat. See Ya Sam&Donna

  3. Karen, you have our thoughts and prayers as well. Love your lawn chairs, I wish I had such talent. I guess I am not a very creative person. Have a Happy Easter, and enjoy your time with your family.


  4. Sorry to hear about your family troubles. We will pray for you all.

    You guys are just too talented. Those chairs are cute!


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