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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Gathering with the Pfundtners

Ahhh we hosted the Pfundtner Clan  for Easter Dinner, this year it was our turn.  Twenty eight folks were going to attend of the 35 invited. So we rented the new community center of the Pensaukee Township for our party.  It's a nice new building just a few miles from our home.  Nice, new, clean and well lit, it was a perfect place to have our party.

Steve and I went over the day before to decorate:

The Easter Bunny must have found it's way to the gathering too!

The two newest Pfundtners were in attendance... Chelsea Mae 2 months and Allegra Grace, 3 months

Next in line was little Jameson Michiael, 20 months, who seemed to have a Rabbit on his Back...

Soon to be added to our crew will be a new baby!!!  Here is cousin Jen showing the location of the new baby to be with her ultrasound photo!  Wheee congrats Robert and Jen! 

The little girls did some conversing and admired each other's Easter Dresses....

Great Grandma Pfun and Aunt Wendy got tricked into playing some ball with little Jameson.  Granfaddah helped them out a bit and kept the little guy busy.  I was occupied in the kitchen....

All the desserts from Grandma Pfundtner were lined up, the Hrlevichs came later and added a cheese cake to the dessert table... the food in the kitchen was all ready and the buffet line started.. .Yummmmmm   We had 3 hams, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, marshmallow salad, 7 layer salad and lots of veggies, dips and relishes.   It was quite a feast!

Erin brought me an easter lily in the middle of the buffet line, and Pete brought me a pretty flower arrangement with hydrangeas (my favorite!)  for on the table.... and Mom and Dad P brought us a spring flower pot that can be later transplanted outside with some purple and pink primulas..a kind of a primrose? We put those on the dessert table by her lovely plates of bars. Yummmmm

Here was our buffet line, ready to feast

Uncle Mark gave a great blessing, asking for prayers for all the recently sick family members.  The day became a wonderful family gathering with everyone in attendance.  Mom P is having such health issues with cancer, so it was wonderful that everyone found a way to attend this year.  We sure appreciated the effort.

As the meal went on, I snapped a few pics of everyone around......

 Andrew, Patrick and Ron Hrlevich, Paul and Maryanne Pfundtner, Frances, Ellie and Lynn Hrlevich

Maryanne Pfundtner, Frances, Ellie and Lynn Hrlevich, Wendy Pfundtner, Pete Pfundter to the corner

Pete Pfundtner, Robert and Jen Jones, Shirley and Mark Pfundtner, Heather and Dave Reh, Heather Pfundtner and little Allegra

Dan Pfundtner, Heather Van Den Busch, (Jameson in corner) Jesse Wade, Mark Lock, Faith Pfundtner
(and Erin Lock with her back to us getting some more ham for Jameson) 

And last, but not least, the hosts,  Karen and Steve Pfundtner

After dinner, Father Paul Pfundtner got in some serious discussions with his sons, Pete and Mark
(they solved all the World's Problems)

Our  daugtherinlaw, New Mommy Heather, and our son, new Daddy Dan, taking his turn with little Allegra

Our daughter, new Mommy Erin and new Daddy Mark with little Chelsea

Our daugther, Mommy Heather and Daddy Jesse with little Jameson
(Steve and brother Pete solving some more World Problems in the background)

As the party went on, the kids were passed around and soon became tired .....

Some folks are just party poopers!


Kids were passed around, and I grabbed both babies to make sure everyone had a chance to meet them.  Around the tables we went with babies and fun and stories... the littlest kids got to open up some little easter baskets and presents... the older kids got chocolate and treats...  and everyone got the company of each other.

And at the end... all the Little Baby Bunnies took a nap! 



  1. What a beautiful family event!!You did an awesome job with the decorations..I always think..why not decorate..when others..they say why..
    The grandbabies are so cute!! Wait till next year...they will be running circles around you..lol
    Thanks for sharing.

    Cindy from Tx

  2. Wow, what a great gathering. Looks like you had it all under control. Those little ones are just too cute!

  3. Look's like a great Easter get together, all the babies in one place, good food and drink, and family, what more could one ask for. I know it was a lot of work for you and Stevieo. But I'm sure it was worht it, and you have the pictures forever.God has Blessed you all with a wonderful family & life. Be Safe ,Sam & Donna

  4. Looks like you had a very nice Easter. Loved the sleeping babies at the end!


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