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Monday, September 11, 2017

VACATION - Looping Around Lake Superior - Day One

We are loaded up....  everything we can think of.  If we forgot something, oh well, there are stores along the way.

The doggies packed their toys, their doggie food, plenty of water jugs so they don't have to have upset tummies from strange water after our main 100 gal tank is depleted.  We will refill with water on the way of course, but then we use jugs of bottled water for coffee, cooking and doggie consumption.  (long butt haired doggies do not make for pleasant travel if they have diarrhea!)  They also have brand new harnesses we are trying out for our adventurous doggie walks!

The house sitter is arranged, the plants inside and outside will get watered and we took all our meager valuables with us, so nothing left in our house of any value.  Plus, we notified our neighbors and we live 2 blocks from the police station and 4 blocks from the sheriff's office, so we have a lot of nice eyes on our home. Our house sitter will bring in the mail and take care of  things here. Wish she would pay all of our bills that come in the mail while we are gone!  hahahaha

We are leaving home for three weeks and heading up through northern Wisconsin.  Then into Minnesota to visit with some relatives in Duluth. From there we will go up to the North Shore route to Grand Portage.... crossing in Canada.  (we have omitted taking potatoes, produce, citrus and most of the meats)

We have our passports and dog health papers, so we should be good to go.  I am going to skip taking over any wine- and Steve will take his bottle of whiskey and I will be the person with the case of beer!  LOL .... I don't even drink beer!

After we cross back into Michigan and Sault Ste Marie, we will make a decision. Do we just head home through the UP of Michigan and down into Wisconsin the normal way? Or do we head on down through the lower Peninsula of Michigan, traveling along the western shore?

We haven't been there yet and it would be nice to see some things and visit a few people I know. Then, if the money holds out, we are considering putting the motorhome and tracker on the ferry between Ludington Michigan and Manitowoc Wisconsin. It's about $400 to do that, but it saves 7 hours driving around thru Chicago, which is just boring scenery anyhow.

Then it's just a quick 23 mile jaunt back to home after we get off the ferry!

As my mom always says: "we will see!"

Our internet might be spotty.... we have Travel Pass on our Verizon account (for $5 for a 24 hour period we can be online and use our US based data and minutes)  We will do blog posts as we can and catch up, perhaps post a few blogs at a time when I get some wifi or signal.

Steveio is getting antsy here, so I am ready to shut down the laptop and head on out to the rig. Got some mail to ship out before we leave at 8 am , so I think we have half an hour of coffee time before we gotta leave.  Steveio says LET'S GET GOING! 


  1. That sounds like an awesome trip. Have fun! we will look forward to all the wonderful pictures and stories you are willing to share

  2. Sounds like a great trip. Someone I met in my travels who also lived in Wisconsin, said don't miss Door County. They claimed it's the most beautiful place in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is one state I have never traveled too. I have it on my travel Bucket List. Anxious to see pictures of your travels through Canada. Safe travels

    1. Yep we only live about 100 miles away from Door County and go there often. Actually Steve graduated from Gibraltar High School in Door County. So we are looping around Lake Superior like we did 20 years ago for our honeymoon!

  3. In Canada you can go into any Tim Hortons for a coffee and free wifi. And of course libraries and McDonalds as in the U.S.. Have fun! Looking forward to the updates!


  4. We rode that ferry many years ago. You might want to check on roads in Manitowoc before deciding. I seem to remember narrow but, like I said, that was many years ago.

  5. We are on the North Shore right now and have taken the Lake Superior loop a number of times. If you are boondocking, then the early provincial park closing shouldn't be a problem. We love Neyes Provincial park with its white sand beach and prisoner of war history, but I think they close next weekend. Have a wonderful trip.

  6. FYI, you don't have to worry about taking meats and fresh veggies for your personal use INTO Canada. Just make sure you consume the fresh veggies before you re-enter the USA.


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