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Friday, September 29, 2017

It's Friday Already?

This week is all goofed up in my head.

Coming home on Monday, and not getting things into normal mode has made my head all goofy. Unpacking and putting away things from vacation took up a lot of Tuesday.  Going though the mail and paying bills. Yuck! Wednesday I got some orders done and Thursday packaged up stuff for shipping and started some new projects. Steve decided to go back to work. With the Packer game on Thursday night (we won!) and we didn't get the rain or lightening that Green Bay got during the game 35 miles away. Now, I look and suddenly it's Friday!

As I write this, I popped some blueberry muffins in the oven and got the coffee maker started. Steve wandered down as I was letting the dogs out and he said he is not sure if  they need him at work today or not. His boss was out driving buses at the same time as Steve was, so he didn't get a schedule from him for Friday, if needed at all. He could have slept in and he was up with the sunrise.  So I might have him home with me for the day?

I took pics and put the 6 old storm/screen window combinations on the local Facebook Buy Sell Trade pages and Craigslist.  They will be good for a shed, chicken coop, hunting or ice fishing shack etc.  Got someone coming at 4 pm today to take them all.  I like the new ones we put on the house before we left for vacation.

Steve got in a few minor repairs on the motorhome the last few days.  Not enough for me to take pics of though. He is too quick!

  • A rivet had come loose on some of the stainless steel portion of our lower exterior on the motorhome. He replaced it and looks good as new.
  • The accessory wires to make our new inverter run on timer had been setting on the bench at home, and now he got them wired in to make it operate with our timer inside above the control panel. So it doesn't have to run all night if we go to bed watching tv. Set the time for an hour and then the inverter and all 120V AC items shut off and are not draining batteries all night.
  • He topped off the distilled water in the 4 batteries and checked the posts for any built up crud.
  • Strengthened and reattached a piece of fender support on the driver's side that was loose and rattling.
  • He reinforced and changed two screws for stronger ones on the big MCD power windshield shade that was kinda loose and wiggly.
  • He examined the pressure solenoid  for the Pac Brake and found it full of moisture and slowly leaking. Ordered a new one to replace it, should be in today or tomorrow. 

It's all these little things that he keeps on top of, that make our motorhome run so well when we go on trips.  It was nice to go 1,500 miles and not have any troubles.  One time we did end up on a corner in Winslow AZ (yes, literally on a corner!) waiting for a part for five days.  Turns out later, we found out that it wasn't a huge, expensive part that was needed, but just the $22 connector to that part.  (wire for an injector) argghhh!

I got a good vacuuming done in the motorhome for all of the beach sand that came in on the doggie feet --- and our bare feet. We have a small Dirt Devil vac cleaner that is pretty good, but we like to take out the big household vac when we are home and get a good deep cleaning on the carpeting. The carpet in our rig (as well as the hardwood flooring) is original, 22 years old.

I like the carpeting underfoot and try to keep it in good condition. I shampoo it every spring, and we always take our shoes off at the door. Especially if Steve is walking on diesel and oil drips while fueling up at a station, He removes his shoes and puts on his moccasins while indoors to drive. If the doggie paws are wet or muddy, they get routed into the bathroom right away and I either wipe them down or pop them in the tub and hose their feet off with the shower attachment.

Speaking of baths, yesterday both dogs needed a good bath to get rid of their traveling grime, and I popped them in the laundry sink together to get in a sudsy soak.  They sit good and don't shake, but they really don't enjoy the process, that is to be sure.





Once done, after they soak the excess water into towels for a bit, then it is time to let them loose out in the Big Backyard for sunshine and exercise.  What fun doggies!

It's nice being home on our unlimited internet signal.  We just have a basic service from Frontier for $35 a month, but it does the job and we get signal all over the house and most of the yard from the modem router they supply for free. I only use my data plan on the cell phone when we are away from the house or camping.

This weekend we are heading up to Oconto to help out the kids with a repair project and see some of those grandkids!  In 2 weeks we are going to see all of them at the littlest granddaughter's FIRST birthday party! Little Claire turns ONE year old already.  Oh my.....

The week after that is the big Halloween celebration at High Cliff State Park.  We make reservations at midnight 11 months in advance to hope to snap up two campsites next to each other for our son Dan's camper and ours.  Then all of the family can come and enjoy the weekend.  Our grandkids and grandnephews:

All of the campsites are decorated up to the hilt with elaborate displays and well over 1,000 kids walk through the campground collecting trick or treats.  We go through $100 worth of candy and that is normally one piece per kid.  Unless they are cute, then they get two.  LOL  We even put out a bowl of doggie treats for the four legged visitors.  Here is a pic from last year of our campsite:

It is also my birthday the following weekend on Halloween, so that makes it extra special to spend time with family on that big event weekend that we can get together. It is a fun thing to look forward to.

Steve checked with his boss, and nope, he isn't needed today after all!  Now I get him here to myself.  Wonder what kind of trouble we can get into?

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  1. Reading some of your last posts about your trip I had to smile concerning your comment about US-2 between Rapid River and Gladstone, MI. Every time we are on that stretch we talk about the fact it is one of the worst stretches of highway we travel on in Michigan.
    Living in the UP we have down a lot of camping up here but have never made the circle around Lake Superior after reading your posts I am thinking it is a trip we would enjoy.

    Celebrating the Dance


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