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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

VACATION - Looping Around Lake Superior - Day 9 Marathon Ontario and Penn Lake


Our morning was just beautiful as we woke up at Rainbow Falls Rossport Campground.  This was our view out the front of the rig as we greeted the day...

I whipped us up a quick breakfast in these little microwave crocks. They had been advertised on TV a couple years ago, called Stone Wave. My friend Linda found them at a chain of Dollar Tree stores for a dollar each. So we grabbed some for the house and some for the motorhome.

Since we had electric hookups overnight, I decided to whip up a breakfast using them. Cracking a couple eggs, add few little pieces of chopped ham, and microwave for two minutes. Then I flipped them over with a little rice paddle and added some shredded cheese, salt and pepper and dried parsley to the top, Now put them back in for one more minute. It takes almost longer to make the toast than it does to make breakfast in these little crocks!

Since the weather was so nice we decided to hop in the tracker and go up to the other portion of the Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. We drove to the parking lot area by the wooden staircase. What amazing sounds we could hear as we descended the staircase down down down alongside of the waterfalls.

Each little area that we could walk away from the staircase presented another wonderful view. There wasn't anyone else around and we had the entire place to ourselves.

The views were spectacular and we made ourselves all the way down to the bottom and the crossing bridge that you could hike up the other side.

We opted to turn around and just climb all of the stairs back up to the top the way we came.

Yep, 181 stairs to get back up to the parking area. If you figure an average of 13 stairs per story that makes it 14 stories to walk up to get back to the top of the waterfalls!!!

We headed back over to the campground in the lower portion of the Rossport park. We chatted with some folks nearby who lo and behold were also a weaver and a spinner from Iowa. She looked up my blog and said she's going to become a regular reader.

Now I hopped in the Tracker with my laptop and headed back into Rossport to find that wifi signal.  It's in a parking lot near a bed and breakfast, next to a sail boat that is dry docked.  I was posting the blog from day 8.  A gentleman came out of a nearby driveway and asked what I was doing, and I said using the signal to post my blog. He said that was fine and have a nice day!

By the time I got back to the park, Steve was able to drive our rig over to the potable water station and top off our tank.  It was a slow fill, but we only needed about 25 gallons added to the 75 we had in the tank. Now we are back up to 100 gallons, never know where we will be next and it is nice to take on fresh water when we can find it.

We drove further east and meandered through some really pretty countryside. Very hilly in this portion of our route. We saw a fox dash across in front of us, but still no moose yet. (at least live ones)

We drove as far as the town of Marathon.  This is a larger town with a couple grocery stores, gas stations and even an A&W. We stopped at a Canadian Tire store to unhook the Tracker and run around to get our bearings, leaving the motorhome behind.

Someone suggested on Facebook that we boondock overnight at Pebble Beach, which is on  the residential end of town.  We drove down there, but the location didn't feel quite right.  There was a motorcycle parked there, but the place seemed kinda remote and uncomfortable.

We had seen a sign as we came into town for a campground run by the city called Penn Lake.  What the heck, we could go and check that out too.  Wow... what a nice place!!!!

The park offers 16 campsites with 30/15 am service and 2 RV sites with 50/30/15 amp service.  An additional 9 unserviced sites are suitable for tent camping.  All serviced sites have sewer and potable water. Internet access is available by wireless hook-up.

Penn Lake Municipal Campground Marathon Ontario

Sites 10 and 11 are the BEST in the park!  The only two RV sites with water views. In our opinion, site number 11 is great for fifth wheels with big open back windows.... and site 10 is great for motorhomes as the view is out alongside of the windows on the passenger side.  We talked to the nice fulltiming folks on site 10 who put their truck into site 11 for us to hold it until we got back.  We rushed back in the Tracker to drop Steve off to drive the rig over.  I registered for the site and paid $45 CN for a site with electric, water, sewer, cable and wifi!  (after exchange it is about $36)

We got settled in and brought out our lawn chairs for a relaxing evening.  We chatted with the neighbors and a few others that came. The park was just about full by suppertime.

We popped some chicken breasts on the grill, whipped up some salads and baked some more white potatoes.  It tasted as good as it looks, that is for sure.

The setting sun caught against the other shore was BRILLIANT!   These are not touched up or enhanced in any way, just straight out of my cell phone camera. They are in order as getting more and more brilliant reflecting the setting sun....

The reflection on the smooth water surface was like a mirror! 

We will see what tomorrow will bring, supposed to be rain again in the forecast.  Sigh.

drove 68 miles today
903 miles so far


  1. Is that cooking time for the crocks for both at once or one at a time?

  2. Sorry you missed staying at Neys Provincial Park as it has amazing campsites right on an unbelievable white sand beach. I know your blog is not in real time right now, so it may already be closed. The park was a German prisoner of war camp during WWII. When we first visited there in the late 70's, we could find a lot of artifacts. Since then much has been done to more formally document that time.
    Hope your trip continues to go well.

    1. Neys is already closed for the season, as well as many of the other Provincial parks... we are having to pick and choose as we go, and find other alternatives if they are closed.

  3. I love the Stone Wave, I have 2 and use them quite often.

    Your are seeing some really beautiful scenery and the sunset over the lake is gorgeous

  4. Glad you've been able to enjoy your trip in the more scenic part of Ontario.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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