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Monday, September 18, 2017

VACATION - Looping Around Lake Superior - Day 7 1/2 - Lake Helen


This day was getting so long, I am giving this next place it's own page. That way other travelers can research it and click on it to find out more about this boondocking spot.

Just past Nipigon, we followed a fellow Facebook camper's advice. She gave us the GPS coordinates to a wayside rest area along the shores of Lake Helen just past Nipigon on the far tippy top of Lake Superior. We passed it up at first, not knowing if that was the spot or not.  So then we drove up the road a ways until we found a spot to turn around. Had to unhook the Tracker to do so, but that was okay, we had to unhook it anyhow if we were stopping in a small parking spot for the night.  We drove back down along the lakeshore and found the two entryways into the small wayside rest area. As you enter, there is a parking area for three or four vehicles, so we pulled into that first to get our bearings.

After looking around a bit, it has three little roads in it. A main one that goes near the outhouses... and another one past the picnic area. Then the best spot for us was the top one along a thick row of trees (hiding us from the highway)  Bingo!

There aren't any signs saying NO CAMPING... .so we are!   What a beautiful place and we have views right out the motorhome window.  If anyone comes to roust us out, there are a few truck stops in town we could go park at.

We walked around the rest area and took the little paths that snake down to the lakeshore. What a beautiful place! They even placed picnic tables along these paths for nicer accommodations for travelers to stop and take a rest and have a meal.  I popped some breaded pork chops in the oven, made up some steamed green beans, mashed taters and garlic bread.  Along with some glasses of wine, we were quite comfy in our rig as we boondocked by the trees.

I made this little You Tube of the area:

A few people came and went, but not many.  We walked down by some large rocks to watch the sun go down.  I took some pics and went through them last night... here are the best ones:

We woke up about 3 am and it was quite chilly both outside and in the rig! Brrrr I think it was down in the 30's but forgot to look at the indoor and outdoor thermometer to see. Steve started up the Wave 8 heater by Olympian. It's a catalytic heater that doesn't use any electricity as there isn't any blower on it.  We know putting it on HI will roast us out of the rig--- we have used that setting in deep winter up at my dad's cabin.  MED will make us warm and toasty, but we didn't it that warm as we have a thick quilt and blankets on the bed. Steve chose LO and we were fine for the rest of the night. As I sit here in my jammies to write this morning, it's 65 in here and comfortable with our coffee and the last of the kuchen pastry (thanks to my aunties in Duluth).

 Here are some more pics.. I am running out of battery 
and have to post before I lose it all...

I have a picture like this from 20 years ago of myself on a rock in Canada,
so Steve took another one again this time.

I made a You Tube clip as the sun was setting:

This is so peaceful and calm... and really nice boondocking.  We are comfortable within the rig and feel at ease. The dogs did hear a couple cars come and go and are alert to any noises.  We sat up watching dvds for an hour or so, while I knit socks, and then took showers and went to bed.  It was still pretty warm out, so we didn't turn on any heat.

As I type this, the sun is shining and we are heading out soon.  I think we are going to check out Rossport today, and then head over to Rainbow Falls Provincial Park--- we have been there before, but that was 20 years ago.

81 miles travelled today
774 traveled so far


  1. Love your blessed blog! Love to you and Steve.........

  2. Looks like a perfect little spot! Don't forget to look up at the sky at night if it is clear and you might catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

  3. It looks like a beautiful and tranquil spot. I am taking notes as it is a trip we have never taken. Continued safe travels.


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