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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

High Cliff Mid Week work

The campground is pretty peaceful and quiet during the week!  Most of the sites around us are empty.

And the weather is perfect for a summer day----  Steve had a call at 7:30 a.m. to get down to the marina to let in some electricians for work... so we took a quick buzz down in the car.  I snapped an early morning pic of the quiet marina and the pretty flowers around the main building.

Since I was out and about early, I started cleaning firepits and getting a jump on the day, then I could sit back and do some quilting in the afternoon. (my free time)

I had a very good day until my Cub Cadet started bucking and choking and sputtering!   Oh NO!  I broke it!

But the good thing is having a wonderful husband at the Facilities Maintenance shop!  I gave him a quick call on the cell to be sure he was up there, and got my little ailing cart up the hill.... slowly....

He preformed a spark plug change, an oil change and cleaned the air filter and sure nuff.... I was good to go again!  It purred like a little Cubby should!

I went about my task list of sites to check on, clean the pit if needed and pick up any trash I see laying around.  Also we have some green survey cards to leave on each post for the upcoming camper to take and hopefully fill out.  It even gives one of the smart phone grids called a "QR matrix"  to lead them to the survey site.   (I hope they say we have nice clean campsites???)

After my lunch break (and watching an hour of Young & The Restless)  I was planning on going out again to catch up some of the non-electric sites in the other loop.  Little Dukie looked sad to see me leave, so I took him along!   That is one Happy Camphost Doggie, for sure!

He has ridden on our four wheeler ATV's before and I think I even had him on our snowmobiles, so this was not too scary for him.  He sat like a king and watched me go from site to site.   At #4 he had four little children all come to pet him and admire him.  He was quite proud.

When I got back to our site, the neighbors on #56 were heading back to their home near Madison.  The two little girls came over to give me a present!   They made me a bracelet from tiny rubber bands!  They said it was from a kit with a tiny loom device they bought in New Jersey.  Wow... what a wonderful gift to me.  They chose colors that matched our motorhome they said. Awwwwww.

Not too much other events for the day....  so far in cleaning sites I have found half a jug of tiki torch fuel that works great to start campfires.  Then on one site I found a nickel, and another a dime.  A rubber bouncy ball, a tiny plastic dinosaur and a frilly pom pom from a little kid's trike handle.

(do I mention the burned diapers, squished and burned beer cans 
and other assorted weird stuff in the campfire pits?)

One thing I did find that I didn't even know they MADE any more ... was some Jiffy Pop pans and handles in a campfire pit!

Remember these? 

 I think I am gonna have to look for some of these in the store, eh?

OH OH... .I just found out that I did a BOO BOO!   After supper, Steve and I went and cleaned out a few more campsites of people who vacated today at 3pm.  So he dropped me off at the top of the road while he drove my Cub Cadet to dump the ash cans.  As I came down the hill, I saw a tag on the post of site #56 where my little girls  (who gifted me with the bracelet) had been camping.  I saw their tag still on the post, so as I walked by, I grabbed it off and tossed it in the trash.  Fine.  Right?  WRONG!    Turns out it was a NEW tag put there by NEW people who had paid for the site and were coming back in with their motorhome in a bit.  OH NO... their tag was missing!  LOL   So about the same time, Ranger Linda (also the manager) was driving by and they had to plead their case as to why there wasn't a tag on their post!    Meekly.... I admitted it was little ole me.  Just cleaning up "too clean" I guess???   Next time I better read the tag before I rip it off the post.   

(I am thinking of getting new glasses some time this week.... hmmmm ya think?) 

Oh, another project that I worked on was painting rocks, yes painting rocks!   Just like Gomer Pyle in the Marines.   They had been painted before but were all faded, mossy and dull.  So Steve found a bucket of paint and a brush up in the maintenance shop and let me go hog wild!   Now we have a nice entry to our site, inviting people to come on in and see the hosts.

Well, we are sitting here this evening in our campsite as I write this.  Some enjoyable visitors stopped by from Canada and we had some good laughs.  Our site is a good gathering place for campers, so if you are in the area, stop on by!  Site 58 at High Cliff State Park!

P.S. as I was proofreading my post before I send it out. Steve heard a little noise at the picnic table right next to us, less than 6 feet away.  A RACCOON!   up on our picnic table on top sniffing around!  (no food left out but he was just making sure)   and Dukie Palooki right here between our chairs didn't even notice him!    All our patio lights on, a battery powered twirling butterfly thingie going right over the table, and both of us sitting here with our laptops on.   What a brave little turd!!!    I chased him off, and he went slowly, not seeming to be too frightened.  We put Duke inside now.  I have the camera and flashlight ready if he comes back.   But since he scoped out our table and saw nothing good to eat, he probably won't bother coming back.  


  1. Sounds like such a nice time! I googled Jiffy pop popcorn. And shows that Walmat sells it. I never noticed! Will have to look for it next time I go! What fun!
    Take care.

  2. Karen, so good to see you blogging again. We have stopped buying the pop in bag etc because of all the yucky stuff they add. Now we buy Orville Redenbacker and pop it ourselves....for the first time in years and years.

    We will be through WI in about Sept. hope to see you then.

    Duke looks like he is the Ruler of the Wilderness there.

  3. You were doing much the same as I was doing, cleaning fire pits. Isn't is surprising what people think they can burn! In some cases we hardly picked up garbage at some sites because they "tried" to burn everything but the kitchen sink. I also had washrooms to clean. Glad that you get to take it easy for part of your day. One day we will have another sorta kinda day off, hopefully.

    Nice bracelet that the girls made for you. :)


  4. Hey Karen, If you buy some Jiffy Pop check out what I bought over at Amazon.com..... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003JUMS9O/ref=oh_details_o04_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    It works wonderful. The best of both worlds...popcorn and campfire!!!! We don't know how we lived without it!!!


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