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Sunday, August 11, 2013

An Afternoon of Pa and Mas Rugs at Shanty Days in Algoma

Sundays are pretty quiet at the campground as the weekend folks pack up and head out.  We really can't clean firepits till they leave and let the fires die down.  (when we haul smoldering ashes and coals in the metal cans in the Cub Cadet, they are known to flame up as we drive down the road)

So we took the afternoon "off" from our camphost duties and headed up to Algoma.  Our friends Jim and Norma Burkett of Beloit, WI had their sales booth set up for the Shanty Days celebration.  It was only about 60 miles away so we headed on over for an afternoon visit!

Here is their website: 

I met Jim long ago at a weaving workshop and we have been weaving buddies since.  Norma is a dear heart who prepares all his fabric from jeans, wool fabrics, draperies, or whatever else they find to weave up.   Jim does the weaving and Norma then finishes the hemming, measuring, tagging and inventorying.

We got to their booth about 1 p.m. and hung around for the afternoon. They take a double space to hold all their tables and rugs.  Last year I sold them my large canopy which they are using this year. Theirs had been damaged in a storm at a show, so it was good to have my old one as a replacement.  They added their logo and were right back in business.

They handle the sales from their little podium and greet the shoppers as they browse among the tables of rugs, and rows of hanging runners.

Such a nice variety of colors, textures and patterns.  

The festival was still in full swing and we did a little looking and a little shopping.  I bought another tie-dyed shirt from the same lady I bought one from 2 years ago. That one is just as good as the day I got it, and its in the laundry almost every week.   I figured it was worth investing in another since that one has lasted so well.  Yes,  I am a child of the 60's and need to wear tie-dye to feel good once in a while!

 The grey storm clouds overhead looked threatening ... and some folks started to pack up their wares.  Jim has things so organized and figured out in their trailer, that we started to tear down at 4 p.m. and we were done and packed up and finished by 20 minutes to 5!~    all the rugs organized and boxed according to size and style, ready for their next show.  Their tables break down, the cloths folded up, the canopy dismantled and all is stored in their show trailer.  Done!

After the stuff was stowed, we headed over to the Hotel Stebbins in downtown Algoma.  We ate a wonderful meal (wayyyy too much food so I brought my leftovers home for lunch tomorrow)   They insisted on treating us because we helped them tear down their booth!
(Steve took the pic for us) 

But that's okay, because in a few more weeks,
 they are coming to Chilton to do a booth at the Crafty Apple Fest!   
We will get them back at taking the dinner tab away when they come to see us! 

I plan to have enough socks, towels and hot pads done to add to their booth and help with the sales on Saturday in Chilton.  We will have a good time and laugh and enjoy the camaraderie of weaverly crafty fibery folks together .....

We drove back to High Cliff, and saw that it sprinkled a little bit.  Dukie Palookie was mad that we left him all day (in the motorhome with the tv on loud enough to drown out outside noises so he just sleeps while we are gone)   We let him out and walked around the campgrounds.  Touched base with a few campers, answered a few questions, and now are turning in the for the night.   

I think I am going to sleep in my new tie-dyed tshirt.! 


  1. Just found you by way of another quilting blog...you know how one thing leads to another! We also travel with 2 shelties - little girls, and I love to quilt while my husband shoots competitive skeet. Our son and new daughter-in-law live in Alaska and we hope to make our 5 th trip up there in 2014. We are really enjoying our new 5th wheel and it wouldn't surprise me if a motor home is somewhere down a future road!

    Enjoying reading your blog!! BTW - we live in northcentral Wisconsin

  2. What a nice day you had. We love meeting up with friends.

  3. what a nice time you had..her stuff is gorgeous...love those rugs...love yours too...


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