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Monday, August 5, 2013

Busy Weekend at High Cliff State Park

The weekend weather was wonderful here in Wisconsin.  Mid 70's, sunny, and low humidity.  What more could we ask for?  Wish summer was this way all three months, and it only rained at night.

Saturday and Sunday we did some of our host duties, cleaning more of the grills and the rest of the firepits on sites that were vacated that morning.  It's good to get them done before the afternoon hours of new people coming in.

Steve had a few extra "work jobs" to handle which was convenient because of him camping right in the park.  He repaired a faucet that wouldn't shut off, repaired the handicapped toilet, and adjusted all the outhouse doors from SLAMMING shut!   (he noticed that by our being camped in the park next to an outhouse, wow those things really BANGED when they closed)  He rescued a bunch of kids in the playground area who were being terrorized by a nest of ground wasps.  And he also realized the tires were not operating properly on my Cub Cadet!   So he rotated the tires and adjusted the toe-in on the alignment and now it rides much better.

Previous hosts never told him it needed anything, so he was not able to do any repairs if nobody reports it.   We gave the Cub Cadet a bath as it was needed it too.

As for host duties, we handed out information, helped folks with directions, and even helped a late arriving family find a vacant site to get up in the darkness.  Neighboring campers lent a lantern, and with the assistance of their car headlights, they got set up.   So far we have not any issues that were negative, and if we do, we only have to call the on-duty ranger to handle those.

We enjoyed a lovely campfire with a peaceful quiet campground on Saturday night.  I pulled out my spinning wheel for a while and got a bobbin spun up of pretty blue wool for socks.  It was so relaxing and we settled into our lawn chairs for a good long rest.  I almost fell asleep!

Sunday we did a few little projects, but then we took a "break" from our camphosting duties.  It was time to run up to Green Bay for our oldest grandson's birthday party!  Jameson has turned FIVE!   It was so hard to believe he has grown up so fast, it only seems like yesterday I watched him come into the world and held him at only a few minutes old.  awwwwwwww

His parents had a party for him at Bay Beach, a wonderful amusement park in the city of Green Bay.  The park is open all summer long, with 20 cent tickets for the rides and a lovely picnic area along the waters of the Green Bay.  Daughter Heather made all the partygoers some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles masks... and the duels began!

The kids had a blast... and were able to run around and scream and jump and play to their heart's delight!  It was a lot of fun and even Jameson's Daddy and Grandpa Wade got into the act!   The two littlest ones kept getting blinded by slipping masks, so their mommies tied them around their waists, like sashes, and the little guys thought that was a hoot too... and ran around with ribbons streaming behind them like dragon tails....

When it was time to eat, I actually got ALL FIVE of my grandtots lined up,
looking at me all at ONCE!    

(this is a real feat, I tell you---- so I am proud of this picture!) 

Everyone gathered around for food, present openings and.....


 Then the wee ones wanted to hit the amusement park rides~!   
We bought a huge roll of tickets and went to the fun stuff.
They rode lady bugs, helicopters, boats, firetrucks and even race cars!   
Here are four of them all in a row..... 

Little Mason konked out in his stroller as I rocked him, 
and soon both Granfaddah and Grandmudder were wearing thin too.  
We said our goodbyes, got hugs and kisses, 
and even smacked little sleeping Mason on the forehead.  
Time to head back to the campground. 

On our way back to the campground, we got a phone call.  Our RVing/Weaving friends from Indiana were in the area and wanted to stop by and visit!  Wheeheeeeee   We spent a pleasant evening with Tina and Bruce... cooked up a meal and sat around the campfire.

Also we gave them the "nickel tour" of the campground and park.... 
they climbed up the tower with Steve to check out the sunset.
(that is me, down below, taken by Bruce from up on top of the tower)

It was such a nice visit and a great surprise to see them come through our area.  We have tried to visit with them whenever they are up our way or we are down their way in Indiana.  Tina and I are both weavers and enjoy our fiber persuits while RVing.  She even made the colorful shawl she is wearing in the pics.

Last night was a quiet one in the park, all the weekend warriors have gone home.  I dropped Steve off at his work place this morning and came back to the motorhome to whip up a crock pot of my calico beans.  At lunch there is an employee cookout up at the maintenance shop, so I will bring them up in my little Cub Cadet.  Right now, I have to get out and clean some more firepits.   Off I go......


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all! I only have the one granddaughter right now (ready for more hope they are LOL) She is too far away. We just left there but I miss her already.I bet the cub cadet did ride rough, I can see in the picture that the front tire doesn't even touch the ground! Have fun!

  2. 5 years old...what a cutie!! You have the most precious grandchildren (that's cause I don't have any, LOL)
    What a fun time!! :-)

  3. I feel special getting a mention in your blog Karen. Thanks again for the wonderful meal and visit.


  4. What a busy weekend !!!! Bay Beach is a great place; a kid's place !!! I can just see you Karen spinning around in your cub cadet cart ..... That fits you to a tee !!! Does Dukie
    ever ride with you ? The lookout tower is high, you looked like a midget !!! Keep having FUN !!!

  5. a weaver from Indiana? And a full time RVer? Hummmm, sorry I have not run into her.

    Looks like you are having so much fun. Looking forward to seeing your finished bath.


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