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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Changing of The Guard

Yes, today it came time to leave our camphosting site, in preparation for Rosie and Luke to take over for the month of September. It works out best for us to leave on Thursday and works better on their schedule to get on the site before Friday, so we both agreed to do the swapola 2 days before the end of the month!

Last night we gathered around our final campfire at the host site.  Here is Steveio putting the last log on the fire.  We shared the fire with our good friends Mel and Paula who were camping next door to us this week.  It was a hot muggy night, but we needed to at least have a campfire for light.  Definitely not for warmth.

This morning, I ran around one last time on my Polaris and double-checked all 112 of the campsites.  Each one is cleaned out, and tags off the posts, and new survey cards on each post in preparation for the influx of holiday campers that will be pouring into the park tomorrow.

While cleaning sites, I saw a number of these very interesting mushrooms growing in a part of the park.  I have never seen any like this, so thought I would snap a pic.  They are very thick and fuzzy. (NO I DIDN'T TOUCH THEM)

Our friends Mel and Paula started packing up their rig, and I had gotten ours "road worthy" by noon.  I can easily drive it myself, but Steveio said he wanted to come to the site at lunch and pull it out himself.

So here he is---- pulling it out of our camphost site, heading to the dump station to take care of the holding tanks.  I followed in the car.

I snapped this last pic of our empty camphost site, all vacant and lonely now.  Waiting for the next hosts....  Before they get here, Steve is going to spread a little more gravel around in some areas that could use it.  Then Luke and Rosie will pull in this afternoon.

Once we dumped the tanks, Mel and Paula pulled in behind us to dump theirs.  We said our "see ya laters" and Steveio went back to work for the afternoon in the car heading to the maintenance shop.

I drove the motorhome back to Chilton in the horrible heat, temps in the high 80's with humidity enough to melt you on the spot.   It was cool in the rig, besides the dash air, I had the generator running with both rooftop air conditioners blasting coolness down inside the motorhome.

I got home and parked the rig in the yard.  Then the REAL BATTLE begins.....

Duke HATES to leave the motorhome and come in the house.  

He pouts, 
He ignores me
He dashes back inside if I leave the door open, 
He has a complete hissy fit.  

As I unload, he is dodging past my legs trying to get back IN the motorhome.

Finally I hauled out the last of the stuff, and shut the door.  He has no choice but to come in the house.  Do you think he did?  Nope!    I had to CARRY him into the house!!!!!!

Sometimes I feel the same way, Dukie Palooki!


  1. Brings tears to my eyes I can understand how ur pup feels too! I'm gonna miss it too!

  2. My goofy dog won't leave the front passenger seat(her seat) sometimes for hours after we get back home from a trip. Maggie and Duke really love their Safaris! 3 more weeks and I point the Trek north for some R&R in the Superior Nat. Forest and hopefully fry some fresh caught walleye!

  3. Dukie does a good impression of a 4 year old! I'm glad you enjoyed your camphosting job. There are good ones and not quite as good ones, and you and Steve deserve the best!

  4. Duke, you gave me my chuckle for the day. But I love our RV also so I know how you feel.

  5. Aren't dogs funny. It's true that they act like four year olds.

  6. Poor Duke, loves the vagabond life, and vacation!

  7. I always felt those same feelings when we left our camphost site. It becomes "home" for the length of time you are there. You guys had a beautiful site!! I certainly don't blame Duke one bit!!
    Welcome Home!!

  8. tell ya what....if I were Duke and had to live in a house rather than travel in a motorhome, someone would have do carry me kicking and screaming to the house.

  9. I can relate completely with Duke! I am never ready to leave the MH. Looks like ya'll had a great time and did a great job. Site is nice clean and level, what more could anyone ask for.

  10. Looks like a nice campsite you had in the forest. I always find it sad leaving anywhere because each spot creates it's own lasting & special moments. Another era in our lives has passed into the memory banks of time.....Atta boy Dukie Palooki, keep on camping:))

  11. I feel sad that you left that beautiful park. But going home sounds good, too. You really have the best of both worlds! Poor Duke - that's so funny. I've never heard of a dog not wanting to leave a motor home to go back to his sticks-n-bricks house. I hope he's in the house and back to normal by now. :)


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