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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Great Day Camp Hosting at High Cliff

Oh what a great weekend of weather we have in store for us....  mid 70's and sunny.  Who can ask for more than that?

Yesterday was a good day as our first day of 31 that we are camphosting at High Cliff State Park.   Steve was working his normal Friday 8 hour day at the maintenance shop.  I dropped him off at 8 am by the door after a grueling commute of 1.8 miles from the campground to his shop.

Then I did my morning rounds with the little Cub Cadet Cart....   cleaned out a few firepits, checked on toilet paper supplies and cleaned out a few grills.   (had to find a special tool to do that, and it worked great.... it's an angled piece of iron with a handle to get down in between the grids and base and scraped the stuff out into buckets).   I loaded the smaller filled ash buckets into a large can which Steve later dumped for me.

I did my UTV training with the main office and got my "certification number"  LOL.... I figure if I can drive minibikes, snowmobiles, boats, four wheelers, and a 38 ft diesel pusher motorhome, I can do a little Cub Cadet!    Here's a pic in case you missed it yesterday.

We have a nice big tub of supplies, which includes our vests, name badges, weather radio (we already have one)  and our official Camp Host Telephone!    If we see anything not quite right, we are to call the rangers and let them deal with all those kind of situations.

We are also supplied with a file folder box full of brochures, local information, events and survey forms.  They think of everything here!

(Just sitting here outside of our camper, and some folks came up to ask about the nearest laundromat----  it's good to be "of service"!) 

Last night after I picked up Steveio from his shop at 4pm, we tossed a couple tenderloins on the grill (imported from Wausau's little meat market-- right Paula?)   Add in a couple baked potatoes, some nice salads, a bottle of wine and we were good to go.    Eating like Kings of the Kampground?

Baked up a cinnamon coffee cake this morning, along with a pot of coffee-  so we are ready for any coffee clutchers that might want to happen by for a chat.

Duke is laying here nicely between our chairs as we sit out under our awning in the early morning quiet and peaceful woods.  He is a good campground doggie and knows how to behave. The birds are twittering and I can hear a guy a few sites down the way loading his boat up for some fishing.... yes.. he started up the truck and is heading out now.  Hope he gets some Big Ones?

This morning we might get a few more grills cleaned out down in the picnic area.  We only have to put in a few hours, but the grills could all use a good cleaning before the picnic'ers arrive later.  That is about it for any tasks today.   Monday will be the busier day to clean out the campfire pits from the Weekend Warriors.  The park is just about filled - 112 campsites, 1 handicapped cabin, 8 large groups sites (which are ALL reserved for a big big wedding there today)   plus five picnic areas and some spaces around the marina.  Here is a link to High Cliff State Park information (Hey Duke, let us know if you can stop by!~)


Well, coffee clutch time is over, and we are gonna head out in our little cart and do some work to earn our campsite!   See ya later!


  1. I hope your camp-hosting is a peaceful experience with no camper induced trauma. :)

  2. I think that your equipment tub is more complete than ours!

    Sounds like you are on the job!

  3. Wow, could life get any better? I wish I was near enough to walk over for some of that coffee cake. It looks delicious. :)

  4. Glad you are having a great weekend. Sounds like your job is much easier than ours and you have way more sites. Hope the rest of your weekend goes as well.


  5. We LOVE camp-hosting!! What a beautiful park...I know you all will truly enjoy your time there!! Love that neat little UTV! I bet it's the hit among the campers!!
    You all enjoy!

  6. Have a wonderful time camphosting. I can't think of anyone who would be a better camphost than you.

  7. Yes, campground hosting is a great gig. We are here until the end of September. Thanks for a warm and wonderful blog!


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