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Friday, August 16, 2013

Camground Graveyard???

While cleaning campsites and grills yesterday, one fire ring was rotted beyond reasonable use.  So Steveio helped me hoist it into the back of the Cub Cadet (well, he hoisted and I moved a few cans so it would fit)   and we headed to an unknown part of every campground.... the Campground Graveyard!

Here are some old drinking fountains (or for Wisconsinites termed "BUBBLERS")  and some old bike racks, and the fire ring we just added to the pile.

This area has rotted out rusted grills from the picnic area
and some concrete parking lot bumpers. 

Here are some older picnic tables that are still serviceable, waiting for a chance to be used again if one of the better ones in the campsites gets damaged.  They have a hope of being released from the graveyard.  Guess they just aren't "dead enough" yet?

Another piece of equipment ALMOST ready for the graveyard if Steveio has his way is my precious Cub Cadet!   Seems the new spark plug and oil change he did doesn't help much, because the carburetor is all preset from the factory and not adjustable.  So he is going to check on replacing it.  Last night we were using it to clean grills and firepits, and it kept coughing, sputtering and choking up.  Lots of black smoke out the tailpipe too.  

Soooooo Steveio switched over all my campsite cleaning gear to this wonderful Polaris!!!!  wheee heeee more horsepower for up the hills and by the cliff!   Plus the back box is bigger and I don't have to stack my buckets up when they get full.  

I think it like it better----  it has cupholders for my coffee mug, and a HEATER on a cold morning, plus window defogger and windshield wipers.  Wow... I am really moving up in the world!

It's the middle of the month now, halfway through our camphosting gig here at High Cliff.  I can honestly say we are having fun and it's been a good experience.   Some of the questions we got this week were:

"If I put my park sticker on the outside of the car windshield instead of the inside is that okay?"
(your windshield wash fluid will remove the adhesive, so go get a replacement at the office) 

"Do you know if the lake is shallow or deep?"
(ummmm both?  shallow around the edges and deep in the middle----)

"Can the raccoons get into my tent?"
(let's put your food inside and set back in our lawnchairs to watch----)

Yesterday I got some more hot pads done in time for my craft sale the first weekend in September.  I am sharing a booth with Jim and Norma of Pa and Ma's Rugs (read my last blog post about them).  Next I am going to get a bit more attention to my sock knitting and get more pairs ready.  

Oh, yesterday I decided to get into Eyemart Express to get some new glasses.  My other ones weren't working so well on closeup stuff, and I was using drugstore cheaters all the time instead for my sewing and knitting.  Eyemart Express had a deal of 2 pairs of no line bifocals for $73.   I got my two pairs, but I think the bifocal could be aimed closer (I asked for a 12 inch distance for sewing as opposed to an 18-24 inch distance for reading)     I tried them on and they are okay, but I think it should be closer.  They said wear them for a week and see, and I can come back for a recheck of eyes and new lenses ground for free if needed.

Well, second cup of coffee is done here.  Steve is gone to work at 8am, and I should hop in my Polaris and go clean the grills in the picnic areas before the weekend folks roll in.  

And that is another day in the Life of a Campground Host!


  1. Yep, we have a campground graveyard too! We managed to get rid of a few things from ours this year.

    I wish I had a cub cadet or even a golf cart for some of our running around, instead I have to use the big truck which seems silly at times.

    Glad you have been having fun and the time is going by fast for you. Enjoy the rest of your month there.


  2. If those picnic tables are waiting to go back into service does that mean they are in Limbo? LOL Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice looking hot pads. Yep, they are hot looking!!!

  4. I see a water feature in those old fountains. I can see them in a garden now... hmmm
    The water would just bubble! Will you send me one ?

  5. Yup our campground has a graveyard also. Since we are a seasonal campground they seem to accumilate a lot of junk people leave behind on their lots like patio blocks and decks. There is stuff there from when our campground opened yet lol. The owner is just too busy or some of the stuff can be repurposed for new uses. Alos if a new camper is tight on cash he will work out a deal for a deck or bricks to cover the cost of his staff moving them. There is also the pile of awning poles cut in 9' sections that we campers can use to move sheds around when they are sold or we move to new lots. They worl great to roll sheds around on.


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