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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Steve is resting at Stuplich RV Resort and Convalescent Center

After a peaceful night, my darling Steveio woke up and was raring to go.  I had to duct tape him down to a lawn chair while he supervised me adding another 20 pounds of air to the tire.  The mystery of the flat tire is solved.  A sensor on the valve stem for the Hopkins Pressure Monitoring system had a bulging battery that released the air.  At least it wasn't a nail or something worse!
The Hopkins company has already replaced 5 or 6 of these now free of charge for me, but I am getting a bit tired of bulging batteries!   You would think they would find something that worked?   Anyone out there with a system that does NOT have battery leakage that ruins the sensors?  

While Steveio was taped down to his lawn chair, I took care of hitching up the Tracker and getting us road worthy.  He was feeling quite well, and didn't even need a pain pill.  It is a struggle to get him to elevate his leg though, as he thinks he knows better.  Ahem!

Oh, someone asked me about my signs.  Here they are.. I have 2 of each.  They have cardboard behind them so they stand up in the windows inside between the curtain and the window.    I have used the "Parked With Management Permission" ones a number of times, especially with shift changes of staff, not knowing someone else gave you permission already.

The "Campsite Occupied" ones help when you leave your already paid site for a few hours, or even to bring your motorhome to the dump station, and hate the thought of coming back to someone else on your site.  This can happen, even if you leave a tag on a post or a lawn chair etc. in the site.  So putting up a sign on the table and on the post is helpful to deter the next person from moving on in.  Many of the campgrounds we go to are first come, first serve sites with a self-pay registration post.  Then when a dispute occurs, you need to call a ranger out from the next office to settle it by who has their envelope in the post first.  No thanks... a simple sign can help alleviate that circumstance.

Steveio was feeling pretty chipper by noon, so we headed on out to Wausau, WI .   Our destination was the Stuplich RV Resort and Convalescent Center...  

We are gonna hang out here for a few days with our good pals, Mel and Paula. 
She made up a delightful dinner on the spur of the moment.  
We are now tucked in early to our rig, 
and I am keeping a close eye on my Steveio. 



  1. So happy you are all settled in and Steveio is recovering nicely. I am going to steal your sign idea... good thinking! And, as always, good, entertaining writing. Thanks for another great post!


  2. Very good use of duct tape Karen, hold that boy down.

    I have had good luck with the Doran Pressure Pro System by Doran out of Cincinnati Ohio, made in the USA.


  4. I like your signs. I can just see Steve duct taped to the chair, and you'd have to work quick before he got free of the tape!

  5. Glad that Steveio is doing so well. Just make sure he doesnt overdo it. Men have a bad habit of that sometimes.

  6. Tell Steve that he'd better take advantage of his position! It won't last long.

  7. I think you should untape Steve from the chair & get him a soccer ball to kick around:))

  8. Glad to see Steveio is doing so well, but perhaps you need gorilla tape? :)

  9. WOW...sounds like quite the trooper healing in the lawn chair..I think you should stitch up a colorful belt to hold him down. My Jer had his knee done this summer Replaced the pad on a 10 year old knee replacement - oh fun times) and now the shoulder..trying to fix him up for our take-off next year. Better fill up the ice bags while you heal up in WI...good luck to him! ~cozygirl

  10. I'm so glad Stevio is doing so great! With the pain he's had the surgery must have relieved some of it.

    Our Tires pressure system is the pressure pro. We've had great luck with it and it's come in handy a lot. Sorry to hear that yours bulges. We've never had that happen.

    Relax and take it easy.

  11. Hope that Steve is still doing well today and that he is not in pain.

    You found another great use for duct tape! Spray a little WD-40 on him, hit him with a hammer, and he should be good to go... :-)

  12. We needed one of those "parked with management permission" signs once. I called a casino to ask if we could camp overnight and they said yes. When we got there we stopped at the security desk and they used their camera to see if the site we picked was OK and they said yes. Then about 10 pm roving security knocked on our door to say we had to move. We didn't but we had to tell him all the approvals we'd already received. I don't know if that sign would have stopped the knock on the door or not but maybe it would.

  13. Men always think they know better than the doctor! Elevate!

  14. Make sure you keep Stevio sitting down and resting. He can always enter Dancing With The Stars next year!


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