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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mouse Tales and RV Roof Prep

Yesterday was occupied by running Steve back to High Cliff for an administrative meeting.  It's 250 miles round trip from here, so I drove the Tracker. (stick shift was hard for Steve to clutch with his left leg yet)  We stopped off in Waupaca for a nice impromptu supper with his older brother Mark and lovely wife Shirley.  So that pretty much took up the whole day.

We got back about 8 p.m. and had a little time to visit with Paula and Mel before turning in.

Oh poor Paula and Mel... about 10 p.m. Paula noticed a little black thing scooting across their floor in their house.  We could hear the screams from our motorhome...  EEEEEEKKKKKKKK  the little bugger of a mouse had come in from the open patio door earlier in the evening, and must have hung out till he thought the coast was clear.  Mel hoisted the couch, the coffee table, the cabinets and the lamps while in hot pursuit of the little bugger.  First, Paula tried to sweep it out the open patio door with a broom.  No go. Then on to the next idea: Mel tossed his sweatshirt on top of the mouse, he would STOMP on the sweatshirt....much to Paula's horror.  But each time the mouse was far gone under another piece of furniture.  Finally Paula got a bucket from the garage, and they dumped it over the mouse, while sliding in a piece of cardboard underneath.  The mouse was deposited outside as a trophy to show us this morning about their late night mouse-hunting escapade!    We were wondering what all that screaming was about????   Sadly, the little guy died from internal injuries.

As I type this now, my feet are up on the Mouse Urn .... a bucket (with lid) over the carcass of the little bugger.  Tomorrow we will dump him in the woods.

Because... today we were soooo busy!

Mel and Steve completed a few other jobs today on Mel's motorhome...

  • Finished the grease/lube job on all lube points and the fan zirc too
  • Examined the door deadbolt lock and figured out a repair
  • Lubed the antenna mechanism 
  • Lubed the pac brake

Then it was time to work on the BIG project for the day....  They trooped on over to the local RV dealer and equipped themselves with all of the supplies needed to do their motorhome roof.   They are lucky to live 1/4 of a mile from Kings Campers, in Wausau, WI

Up went the ladders and out came the power cords to the driveway and got plugged in.  Time for these guys to get serious about this roof recoating with Elastomeric paint.  Our Safari motorhomes have a special roof material called "Filon" which is a fiberglass and nylon type material.  It is not fastened tight, but is allowed to flex and shrink with heat and cold.  After 10-12 years of exposure, this material is known to develop tiny microscopic cracks which could allow water intrusion.  The best practice is to clean it well, and then coat it with an elastomeric paint.

Here is the blog post from when we did our roof on our rig:

So it was time to get the prep work done in order to do the roof in the next few days, now that Steve's knee is feeling pretty good.  Steve goes back to the doc on Monday to get a release to go back to work.

Mel has this wonderful tool from Harbor Freight, and Steve used it to remove the old caulk along the front and rear end caps.  On sale for about $18.

They stripped off the old caulk along both the caps, and cleaned the surface good with thinner.  Once it was all dry and clean, they applied the Eternabond tape (bought at Kings by the foot for 40 feet they wanted for both caps, around the skylight, and around fridge vent)

Then I got up on the roof with my handy dandy wooden rolling pin, and a wall paper roller.  The more you roll and squish this stuff, the better it activates the glue inside the membrane.  It was stuck tight and I took care of the rolling.  You blog readers never get to see ME doing the jobs, just my pics of Steve and Mel doing them.  So this time, Steve grabbed the camera and snapped one of me!

Tomorrow will be scrubbing the roof with TSP
Saturday will be coating with elastomeric paint (if the weather cooperates)

We ran outta daylight, so it was time to make supper-----

Yummmmm a local meat market has wonderful tenderloins on sale for $7.59 a pound, so we stocked up enough for supper and filled our freezers with enough for half a dozen more meals.

Boiled baby red potatoes, a tossed salad with fresh tomatoes, and a bowl of Lemon Fluff.  We eat like Kings with hanging out with the Stuplichs, that is for sure.

Another little treat are these Bartels and James Margarita Wine Coolers, we pour them over crushed ice and salt the rims... voila!   Quick margaritas!!!!!

My RV camping buddy, Canadian Dan Dan the Camping Van Man showed me about these.  Great when you want ONE margarita and don't want a half-used bottle sitting in the fridge.

Okay, it's dark now, the bugs keep flying into my laptop screen, and I am ready to head to bed.

Tomorrow is another day.

We know someone who could use some extra thoughts and prayers during a health issue tomorrow, so please if you can, send a prayer this way?



  1. That must be one heck of a convalescent center...Stevio is already able to be up on the roof working!

  2. You would never know that Steve is recuperating from surgery. He'll have to go back to work for a rest.

  3. Prayers your way and getting on top of the MH and working looks like Stevio is back to normal. That sure was quick.

  4. Prayers your way....
    Looks like another great job on its way to being done!

  5. I am praying.

    It looks like Steve recovered quickly!

  6. You are a brave woman. My wife would have never ventured up on top of the motorhome. Heck, I wasn't even all that crazy about it myself!

    1. I hate heights too. But I can get up the ladder, it's just the swing around with the leg onto the roof that gets to me. Same on the coming down part. First swinging around the leg to the top rung makes me shivver. ewwwwwww!

  7. I have absolutely no sympathy for rodents who get into RVs or any other kind of human dwelling, and no compunction about using anything it takes to get rid of them

  8. I agree with Gypsy. So far we have only had one mouse in the motorhome. While boondocking at Taylor River in Gunnison National Forest in Colorado last year. Kept hearing munching at night. The thing ate into my cookie bag and not Lauree's cookie bag. That was just much. Went to town and bought 3 little mouse traps and within 20 minutes of putting them out. We caught him. Its hard to sleep knowing there is amouse in the house.

  9. Hey had one question about that tape stuff yall are putting on top of your RV. Is that stuff suppose to last a very long time or does it need to be replaced like the caulk type material???

    1. That Eternabond is very lkng lasting.. Our has been on 3-4 years and looks great.... I think it stays stuck FOREVER.

  10. Great blog, per usual. We always learn a lot and have such fun! So glad your friend is ok, praise YHVH!


  11. There’s nothing like a delicious drink after a hard day’s work! I can see that you did a lot of repairs on your RV. It is good that you paid some attention on the RV’s roof and doors. You can prevent major damage and repairs thru this kind of maintenance. RVs must be able to endure harsh weather conditions and extreme temperature since it served as your shelter while you are on the road.


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