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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fresh Fish and Football!

Relaxing here at the cottage that belongs to our friends, Ernie and MaryEllen.  
It definitely has it's benefits!  

  • First of all, it's quiet.  
  • Second, it's free  (but we took them out for a steak dinner last night to say "thank you")
  • Third, their kids came up for the weekend and gave us five HUGE full side slabs of fresh caught SALMON!!!  

Fresh right outta Lake Michigan...  they had too much and they passed on their bounty to us!  OH MY!   We love salmon!   I scooped out the bags of ice cubes residing on one shelf in our freezer, and tossed em down the drain to make room. Good thing we have a large freezer in our side by side fridge of our motorhome.  What a treat this is going to be.  They are full length slabs, and we have a wire rack to clasp them in to flip and flop on the grill.   See the pic from using it another time?

We had a little visitor for a while yesterday.  Our youngest grandson, Clayton, was in town for his 4 month old checkup. Oh boy, four months old already?  HOW did that happen?   His mommy ran some other errands, so I took him back to the motorhome to play and cuddle and hang out with his Grandfaddah after work.   He took a little nap on our bed.  Here they are trying out the new loveseat.  

Speaking of the new loveseat, Steve moved it to a new position... he calls this our "Packer Game Night Position"  crosswise in the motorhome.  Still plenty of room to walk around the side of it, and we both face the tv from this position.

Kickoff at 7pm, even if it's only a pre-season game... it's still a Packer Game! 

And a bit of sunset ... taken last night from right behind the cottage on the bay



  1. Oh my goodness! That sunset is beautiful!!

    Steve looks right at home in his recliner!

    Salmon, yummy!

  2. We have the Bronco/Bear game on here in our house. We almost had fish for dinner because Jim caught some nice ones today, but I went out to dinner with a friend of mine. So fish tomorrow night.

  3. Salmon is my favorite food! Fresh caught, no less, I am hungry (and I just had dinner). I like the loveseat arrangement... Our heater is under the frig and blows out of the from of the sofa... so I wonder how it would be to replace... May think on that some.

    Blessings and shalom,

  4. I love salmon and have it at least once a week. Glad you can comfortably watch the Packers!

  5. Wow, that is a sunset well worth framing for your wall.

  6. I like the salmon holder. That's neat. We used to get a lot of North Sea Salmon when we were in the Netherlands, and it was fresh. I've given up on the stuff here in Vienna. It's either farmed or something, but it's just a tad too "fishy" for us.
    I cook salmon on grill in a little foil "boat" with the skin down, drenched with a mixture of olive oil, garlic and whatever green bits I feel like adding. Works great, since then the skin sticks to the foil. Takes roughly 20 minutes an inch.

  7. the salmon looked delicious!!..nothing like fresh fish on the barbecue!!
    gorgeous sunset photo!!


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