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Monday, August 27, 2012

Doc gave O.K. and we are back to High Cliff State Park

A relaxing morning of hot coffee and sweet cinnamon rolls with our friends... it was a great way to start a great day!   Then the guys had a few more tasks to do, and I had to reset a few of the sensors on our Hopkins Tire Pressure Monitor.  I swapped a few from the Tracker to the motorhome, just to be sure we had sensor coverage on our steer tires.

Last week, I had called the NVision Hopkins company about the bulging sensor that let the air outta the tire last week.   The person I spoke to was very helpful and offered to not only replace the sensor, but to replace ALL ten of my sensors, along with the main control module too!  Seems they have a newer system and better sensors with better batteries.  Hmmmmm  So he said he would put them all in a box and shipp them to me in care of Steve's work address.  I will let you know how the new system works as soon as I get it set up!   And to make it even nicer, he said he will ship them out right away, and include a pre-paid shipping label to return my set to him AFTER I receive the new ones!   Amazing!  Now THAT is Customer Service! http://www.nvisionsafety.com/tire_safety/

Speaking of tires.... Mel hauled out his "wreath" to show us what happens to a toad tire on his Saturn when pulled behind his motorhome.  They had a flat and this is ALL that was left of their tire!!!!  So this creative couple made a wreath outta it to hang in the campgrounds during the holidays.

The guys were waiting for the dew and dampness to dry off Mel's motorhome roof to add one last coat of the elastomeric paint with the leftovers in the bucket.  But the danged humid weather would not cooperate.  Instead we made ourselves "road-worthy" to head on out.  Then we got all teary eyed and huggy.  Geesh, we are gonna see these friends in probably a few days over at High Cliff for a visit, but we were all weepy anyhow.  We kinda went through "stuff" together the last 10 days and it was hard to leave! 

We finally left Paula and Mel's with big blasts of the air horns (sorry neighbors)  and some toots from the little Tracker horn.   I followed behind Steve as we drove over to nearby King's Campers to refuel our propane tank.  Our motorhome has a large built-in tank so it is necessary to drive up to a propane seller to get it filled.  Our tanks holds 50 gallons liquid propane (LP) and it is only filled to 80% so that is 40 gallons.  Well, our tank took 31.5 gallons, so I guess we were getting pretty low.  King's Campers was only $2.95 a gallon... whereas Van Boxtel RV in Green Bay was at $4.00 a gallon.  It was worth filling up where we did, and saved us over $30 bucks!   http://www.kingscampers.com

At 2 p.m. we had an appointment with Steve's surgeon in Green Bay to take out his remaining stitches and give him the okay to get back to work.  Well, I say "remaining" because Steve had been snipping and pulling out some of the most irritating stitches on his own!   Honestly though, his incisions are healing well, no sign of redness or pulling or irritation.  Might as well, eh?  After a quick check of Steve's vitals, the nurse snipped off the remaining stitches and gave us the complimentary tweezers and the tiny scissors paid for by the comp insurance (the scissors will be great in my knitting stuff!)   and the doc came in.  He really liked the look of Steve's knee, and was very encouraging and positive all was well. He showed us photos of the surgery and examined the knee.  Then he signed the release paper to allow Steve to get back to work.   We really like this guy, his name is Dr. Eric Nelson, and if you need any orthopedic work done, we recommend him.   Dr. Eric Nelson

I like this line on his bio: 
I really do my best to be punctual and respect my patient's time. No one likes to sit and wait. I am always honest, and I work very hard to involve the patient in the decision making process. I don't like the passive "you're the doctor..." approach; my strong belief is "yes, but we are talking about you're health, life, and goals." 

After we left the doc office, we headed on down to High Cliff State Park.  It was only 30 miles to the park.  We stopped at the office and sure enough, the box with our Hopkins Tire Monitor and Sensors were there, just as Hopkins promised!   

Steve caught up with the boss for a bit, and then we headed to the dump station to empty our tanks from the 10 days at the Stuplich's.  We had reservations for our site number 57, so we headed on into the campground and are all set up and cozy in our "home" ...  our site is very nice and wide in the back yard area and wooded all around.  

After supper, we buzzed over to The Chubby Seagull near the entrance to the park.  This place is gonna be the downfall of us all!  http://www.chubbyseagull.com/     

They put chocolate dip on their waffle cones and then roll them in sprinkles!  Then they have 14 flavors of hand dipped ice cream (oooh Mackinaw Island Fudge)  or soft serve.   Also pizza, burgers and other treats. We are going to have to limit ourselves to ONE cone a week!   And we did take a nice long walk around the campground to wear it off.  LOL 

Tomorrow Steve goes back to work, and I have some fiber shipments to send out.  
Back to the old routine, but in a FUN setting of this park
and living in our motorhome! 



  1. Sounds like a great week! Just where is High Cliff? Near the UP?

    1. High Cliff State park is on the NE corner of Lake Winnebago, the big lake in Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Green Bay ... closest town is Sherwood, and biggest nearby is Appleton.

  2. Congratulations to Steve on passing muster and getting cut loose. Back to enjoying the good life.

  3. Great blog... Some super links... So glad you are in a campground and Steve is work worthy. Life is good living in a motorhome, yeah!

    Blessings & Shalom,
    Richard & iona, & Jasper, the cranky old man cat
    Full timing RVers in a '95 Ivory Ed, 40' 300 Cummins DP pulling little green toad (2012 Ford Fiesta)


  4. Site looks great! Looks like your settled in nicely. Glad that steve got the ok to go back to work. How can you call it work when you live, work and play in a campground? LOL

  5. I like the tire wreath. Beats having to take the tire to materials recovery
    Here's an idea....if you walk to Chubby's you can have a cone every day.

    1. Oh you are so bad! Giving me excuses to go there more often!

  6. Doesn't Steve have any rehab following his repair? I had weeks of rehab that made a real positive difference.

    1. Steve has already gotten full range of motion and is using the knee well, his doc said. Steve has a list of exercises to perform, and already went through this with his other knee 15 years ago, so he knew what to do. (and he'd rather be at work, using it, than sitting here for weeks on workman's comp for a few more doc appts. LOL)

  7. Good for Steveo, hope he completes his healing without any problems, so now you can into the work routine and living at the Park, sounds great to me,although you sure can get lazy being to relaxed, like Rigg's and i were last week, and the swimming season is about over in Wisconsin. We usually swim at the Lake until the beginning of October.Have a glass of wine and tell Steveo to have a Blatz Beer to celebrate starting his new job. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Good news all around, knee good, TPMs replaced, nice site, back to work. The stars have aligned. :c)

  9. Boy! Have I been the slacker! I seem to have gotten waaaaaay behind on whats been happening with you 2. Glad that Steve's recuperation has gone well and that you've had some great adventures since my last "catching up".


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