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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Picnic and new La Z Boy Loveseat in the motorhome

On Monday night, our son and daughterinlaw (Dan and Heather) came over with the grandtots for a little family cookout.  It was so good to see little Mason and Allegra again.  She is such a clown, and goofing off for attention from her grandparents. Mason is such a happy little baby and is learning to sit up and topple over, squiggle on the blanket on the ground and grin foolishly when we talk baby-babble to him!   Here he is intently watching his big sister, to figure out this crawling thing.

We grilled out some burgers and hot dogs, enjoying the sunshine and much cooler temps this week in Wisconsin.  I also was able to cook during the day and not roast myself outta the motorhome.  Simmered up some taters for tater salad and a slow cooked a pot of calico beans.  Temps are finally in the "normal" range around here.  (mid 70's days and 50-60 at night)    While the others ate, I hung around with Mason on the blanket.  First I fed him a bottle, then I was having fun feeding him green beans!  Wow... 4 months old and now working on veggies.  What a little man.

The other reason the kids came to visit was that Steve and Dan loaded up our recliners into the back of Dan's pickup truck.  They will match in the kid's livingroom and we are glad they can use them.  The loveseat gets delivered today, so we needed to get the recliners out last night.

After dinner, little Allegra and I walked back down by the water to see the fishies, and the sparkles on the water from the setting sun, and we picked up some acorns from the ground.  Seeing the world through a 2 year old's eyes is FUN!    She posed as a model for us and we plopped little Mason down for a shot.  He was not happy about it.  Guess he wanted the camera for himself?

It is sooo nice to have this cottage to park at for a week.  Located in a quiet location along the shoreline of the Green Bay.  Thanks again to Ernie and MaryEllen for letting us park here to enjoy your wonderful vacation abode.

I am waiting this morning for the loveseat to be delivered by McMahons of Luxemburg... they will carry it right in the motorhome and assemble the backs on it (they come off for transportation) ...

This noon, I am meeting up with daughter Erin and little grandson Clayton.  They have his 4 month old checkup today and then we are going out for lunch.   After that, Erin has a dentist appointment, so I am going to watch little Clayton for a while.  Looking forward to more time with the wee grandtots.  This weekend we will be babysitting both Mason and Allegra on Friday night in the motorhome.  Thank goodness for portacribs!   Allegra is going to sleep on our loveseat --- but I am sure she will end up bouncing around in our big bed too!

I took some of my flowering baskets from the house before we left.  One is a big begonia and the other is a climbing rose vine.  While here at the cottage I have them setting out on this cute wishing well.  Otherwise they can hang from the awning when it is extended.  I also have a windowbox of coleus that is growing well too.  

So I guess when we get to the campground next week, we will start looking like full-timers when we put out flowering garden plants around our rig, eh?

(this portion added now after 9 a.m.) 

The furniture store found us, and delivered our new loveseat! 
Backed in their delivery truck right up in front of the motorhome. 

Quick as a wink, they hauled in the seat base bottom piece
through our narrow 24" motorhome door. 
(we measured in advance)

 They adjusted the bottom screws for the padded carpeting on the feet.

While they went to the truck for the back rests, I snapped a pic of the seat base

They snapped the clips on the backrest sections and pushed it into place! 

There.. no more hitting the wall when we recline!   The seat portions actually scoot forward when you want to recline, and it does not hit the wall behind.  Thus-- called a "Wall-hugger" design by La Z Boy.   We have a lot more room now in front of the loveseat.   With our recliners we need about 12-14" space behind the chairs to recline.  This loveseat is more practical.

The little bench type coffee table with the woven mat in the foreground also doubles as a stand for my table loom.  It can roll up to the seat for me to weave, or roll away on the casters to the other side wall when not in use.  

I am sitting on it right now as I type this.  Pretty comfy, I must say!



  1. So glad that you are getting settled. The new loveseat looks great. Congratulations on Steve's new job - it sounds tailor-made for you two! I hope that his surgery goes well and that he makes a complete and speedy recovery.

    Kerri in AL :-)

  2. Really nice! Nothing better than making your new home more comfy! :c)

    Your grandkids are sooo adorable!!!

  3. Where is your heater? Ours is under the frig and blows our of the front of the sofa.

    Any, it looks great!

    Love ya,

    1. Iona, we don't use that big furnace very much. Steve removed the ductwork under the old couch and madea vent flush with the wall on the side of the fridge. Instead we use an Olympian Wave 8 Catalytic heater. It is mounted on the section of wall between the door and the table. Use the "search this blog box" in the right hand column and put in Wave 8 .. It will bring you to the log posts about our heater.

  4. The new loveseat looks great! We're still trying to decide what to get for our "living room" We got rid of the sleeper sofa that came in the RV (stiff, bulky, not comfortable). The boys have poang chairs, which Tom really likes and thinks we should get, also, but I still think recliners would be better. There's an amish company in Shipshewana that makes wall-huggers that are nice and trim (not overstuffed), so they fit well and are comfy . . . expensive though . . . but made in the USA! We're still debating.

  5. The sleeper sofa that came with the Alfa is really reasonably comfortable. I slept on it one night when I was sick and had no problems. Believe me I am very picky about my bed! Our two grandsons have also used it for sleep overs and are OK with it. So I guess it stays for now. I like the co-piolt seat turned around for sitting, and Craig is fine with the couch.

  6. You get a new couch, and end up sitting on a table to type?? LOL :)

  7. Looks really good! The grand babies are cute! I love being a grandmother.

  8. I have lots of your blog to catch up on. I think the loveseat looks great and will be a great addition to an already perfect motohome!


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