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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Whew.. a productive Open House Day!

Our day started out with a last quick slap dash polish on the house...   Our Open House was scheduled for noon to 4pm, and we needed to get things picked up and made neat and clean.   I was a realtor for 9 years, so I knew the drill.   Soon all the lights were on, the house smelled great, and soft music playing in the background.

Steve hauled some things out to the motorhome, like our dogs, their dog dishes, all our computer stuff and medicines ... (ya never leave medications or valuables laying about during an Open House)  and his big ole jar of change!  LOL  

We then moved the motorhome and the Tracker over to the neighbor's driveway.  He was out of town for the weekend and offered to let us park it there.  No sense letting prospective buyers think we are big whigs or richy rich folks with a huge motorhome, right?  (even if it IS a 16 year old motorhome, it looks kinda impressive)

About 10 am we were ready and had most everything set.  I had mopped all the tile floors and Steve vacced the carpeting.  The kitchen was cleared of anything excess on the countertops and the loom room was as reasonably organized as it has been in years.  All personal photos were taken down and only a few tasteful paintings and prints adorned those spaces.

For the outside, I had purchased some floral baskets that I set in scooped out sections of the flower beds where I normally space clumps of coleus plants among the hostas that are just poking up.  We have been having some frost the last few mornings and below 30 degree temps, so we need to pick the baskets back up and carry them into the garage each night.  It does look nice though, as if I had the magic touch and got some lovely flowers to grow at this time of year in Wisconsin!  LOL   I also added a bunch of geraniums to the big pot near the door as a friendly greeting with a red blaze of color.  Another planter full of geraniums for out on the deck under the gazebo added a dash of color too.

Can you imagine I was sooo  busy that I didn't even take the time to snap some pictures???

Steve put up the Open House signs to help guide in the people to our home from the highway and the county road on the other side.  We had ads in two of the local papers, on Zillow and Craigslist, and also some notices left on local bulletin boards in town.   About 20 flyers were taken from our tube out front during the last week or so, a few each day, with notices of the upcoming Open Houses attached too.

The weather was chilly and cold and windy, but we did get three people  to come to the Open House.  One looks quite promising, but I don't want to say a thing to jinx it.

At 4pm we moved the motorhome back to our own yard, let out the dogs, and came into the motorhome to cook supper and spend the night.  Who wants to stay in the house when it's in tip top perfect shape???

Besides, we took down the ugly antenna we have on the deck for recieving broadcast television signals, so we don't have any tv reception in the house for tonight.  All of our neighbors have dish tv.   But we really don't watch that much to justify the cost.  Thus we put up an ugly antenna.  We even have to go out and rotate it by hand a bit if we want to get in channel 26.  Haha.   So Steve took it down to make our deck look a lot nicer.

But in the motorhome we do have an antenna.  Tonight is the Michael Orr movie on ABC called "The Blind Side" which we never saw when it was in the theaters.  We don't go to many movies, they are 30-40 miles away to go to a movie.

So in order to watch the movie, we have to stay out in the rig anyhow.   Heh heh any excuse to spend a night in our rig!   I am looking forward to waking up in our rig, and perking a pot of coffee, and maybe baking up some muffins.  Even if we are only in our own driveway!!!

Tomorrow is the same drill again, from noon till 4pm.

Now for the part of the blog that deals with gushy grandkids!  ----

On Thursday I had the chance to babysit for little Clayton for a few hours.   His daddy had Lasik surgery, so his Mommy had to drive him home.  What a lucky Granmuddah I was to get him at only 3 weeks old!

Had to take a few pics, of course....

They came and stole him away, but I got the chance then to pick up active boisterous Chelsea from her daycare at 4pm to give them a restful break in the evening for Mark to recuperate.  We kept her occupied.
She helped me spread new red lava rock in the flower beds, and she also inspected the new coating of deck stain I rolled earlier in the afternoon.  Good job, Grandmuddah!

On Friday, I was invited to come back to the day care for a special pancake breakfast!   Her little room of 6 children had set up a table for Granmuddahs like me!   Sad to see I was the only Granmuddah out of 6 kids who have invited theirs.  But that was okay, there was plenty of me to go around, and they all tried to sit on my lap during story time, and all gave me hugs and kisses when it was time to go.  Awwwww

And when they were all done eating, each child is given a cloth to help clean up! 

How cute is that? 


  1. Good luck on the open house tomorrow...after all, Sunday is the day for open houses.

    Stay Safe

  2. I know what torture that must have been having all those little ones on your lap and the hugs and kisses...what a brave soldier you are (is he grin off your face yet :-) )
    Keeping my fingers crossed someone from the open house was a serious looker and not just nosy. You home is so nice dont think it will take long.
    Sending the good luck fairy your way.


  3. Wouldn't it be something if the house sold from the first showing?

  4. Good luck with the house sale! Hope today brings lots more lookers and a buyer!!

  5. I want to wish you and Steve GOOD LUCK!
    Some friends of ours sold their 10 year old house recently, after posting it on Craigslist, (& only on Craigslist).
    They sold it in eight days!
    The purchasers wanted, and payed extra for, nearly all the furniture and the and interior decorations.
    I hope your sale goes as smoothly!

  6. It must have been wonderful, holding a 3 wk old baby again. It sounds like you had your house in tip top shape, and I bet it looks terrific. Best of luck.

  7. Good luck with your open house today! I don't blame you for staying the night in the motorhome. I would have too! You can say it was to keep the house clean and neat (sounds good to me and very believable) but I love sleeping in the motor home no matter where it's parked.

  8. Wishing you all the best in the sell of your house!! It is a beautiful place and someone will fall madly in love with it!! Sending "happy thoughts!"
    Clayton is so precious!! What a blessing!! Mike and I hope one day we might have a "grand" to hold and love....wishing!!!!
    Keep us updated on the house!!


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