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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Happy Easter Pfundtner Family Gathering

Again, this year, we hosted the annual Pfundtner Family Easter Gathering. I would like to start off with a hearty THANK YOU TO GOD for this wonderful day... and special thanks for Mom-in-law Mary Ann Pfundtner getting a BENIGN diagnosis on her recent surgical accomplishment.  She is a cancer survivor, so each test and procedure is another benchmark in her success!  She was able to make it to our family gathering, and even brought a big easter cake to share!

We rent a rural local community center to host this party, as they have roomy facilities for the Pfundtner Bunch, plenty of open space for the little ones to run around (can't do that in a restaurant)  and no time frame to get up, get out and go home.    Steve and I set up the tables and decorations the evening before, and we only had to bring the last minute things the next morning.

It was a wonderful day with all the new babies to oogle and ahh and ooh over. Yes, even Erin and Mark brought 3 day old Clayton!   And Dan and Heather brought along 10 day old Mason!   What a bunch of LOVE to hold in my arms at one time!!!!

The girls were each giving their baby brothers a kiss on the head....  how sweet!   We were missing was little grandson Jameson, and he and his mommy Heather and daddy Jesse were sharing the holiday with his parents this year.  But we will get all five together sometime soon----

The family gathered at noon, and enjoyed smiles, hugs, handshakes and laughter.  The food was good with everyone contributing something to bring along to add to the meal.  Brother-in-law Pete brought vases of wonderful tulips to adorn all of our tables (which each lady got to bring a vase home afterwards)    He said if he can bring a smile to the face of each lady, that is a wonderful thing for him to see.  Awwwwwww

Erin brought me a pot of daffodils in bloom, which we can replant out side to brighten up the spring season in the yard by the doorway.

Everyone sat around a ring of 6 banquet tables...  

Starting at the far corner is left to right: Son-in-Law Mark, little Chelsea, and daughter Erin (Clayton is on the floor in his baby carrier)

Down one side was Mom P, the matriarch of the Pfundtner Clan...  next to her is her daughter Wendy (Steve's older sister), then our daughter-in-law Heather and little Allegra in the far right corner.

Closer shot of the Lock Family-- Mark, Chelsea and Erin  (dang, don't she look good for having a baby three days ago?)  

Down that same side of the table now with daughter-in-law Heather, little granddaughter Allegra, and baby Mason in his carrier on the floor too.....  Also I got our son Dan in the picture... (all cleanly shaven and newly shorn of his fuzzy face and hair)

Around the corner to the next side of the tables are grandnephew Lucas, with his mommy Jen (Steve's cousin)  and grandmommy Shirley (sister-in-law) and Jen's husband Robert.   

(sorry about the "while eating" shot, Shirley!)

 Ahhhh on the fourth side were all the Pfundtner Men!  
Pete, Steve, Dad, and Mark
  (Mark--- stop that!) 

After the meal was done, we had an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones....  It was too cool and windy to be outside, so Mark (a.k.a. E.B.)  did the honors of hiding the treats... and the kiddos were happily discovering them with shouts of delight.  Some of the adults were re-hiding the previously discovered eggs, so the fun went on and on, with *new* eggs to discover!

25 years ago or so, I remember my sister doing just that at my dad's cottage, and the little kids kept going round and round the cabin, finding more and more eggs!

Later on, little Chelsea and Allegra hid out in the hallway, under the coat rack, to gobble down as many jelly beans and fruit snack treats as they could ---- before their mommies found them!   LOL

Little Lucas hid out under the beverage table to explore the contents of each plastic egg.  He even shared some with his Grandpa Mark!  What a delightful little guy with adorable ringlets of curls----

Our wonderful day celebrates Easter, but also Steve and Mark's upcoming birthdays.  Brother Pete brought them some presents: Tshirts that fit each one's personality.

Here is Steve's  (how PERFECT!) 

We passed around the babies and got in lots of loving with the pre-schoolers too.  Such a delightful way to spend an afternoon.  Everyone got caught up with things going on in each other's lives.

The girls were dressed in their Easter Finery.... and Erin was doing some double duty with the little boys.   Being born only a week apart, they could be TWINS!

After divvying up the leftovers, it was time for everyone to head on home.  We had all our hugs goodbye....   and the girls especially showed their affection to each other.  Ahhh to be 2 years old and have your bestest friend also be your cousin!  I remember that with my cousin Pam.  How sweet....

After everyone left, Steve and Pete ran over to our house to load up some power tools Pete had left in our garage.   I had some peaceful quiet time to finish packing up our gear, giving the last lick spit and polish to the Community Center before locking up the door.   

I went home to take a nap, 
and dream of holding wee little grandbabies in my arms....


  1. Such a wonderful picture of beautiful babies in the arms of their beautiful grandma.

    Life is good and full of cute little blessings! :c)

  2. What a nice way to make memories. I especially like the picture of Karen holding the babies, what a treasure.

  3. What a great family. They will grow up with many great cousin memories. I bet you will be back in Wisconsin lots in the years to come.

  4. What a great party, you guys know hoe to pull of a great day up the in WI.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  5. Howdy K&S,
    Thank you for having us tag along with y'all and enjoy a Pfundtner HAPPY time!!

    I only wish our family was as close as yours...

  6. Beautiful babies . . . families . . . All of it! Just beautiful!


  7. That's such a great picture of you and the two littlest grandbabies. Glad the whole clan had such a Happy Easter.


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