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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Motorhome Modifications - 16 Year Old Tranny Filters and Fluid - Closet Cubby is Done

Yup, you read that right!  Steveio was out draining our tranny fluid and removing the old filters...  We have put on just over 32,000 miles since buying our used rig in 2006.

Did you know tranny filters have dates on them??

That is important because of the next part I am going to write about.

When we bought our used rig in 2006, our sales slip states we have a NEW transmission filter, NEW 6 gallons of tranny fluid and $95 labor charged for completing the job.   It was included as part of the deal from Al's Motorhomes in Rockford, Illinois.

Hmmmmm but the dates on the filters Steve removed have printed on them 3/96  ---- yes ---- you read that right,  1996!   That makes them the original filters that came with our rig, which was made in 1996.  

Obviously we thought we got NEW filters and tranny fluid when we bought our rig, according to the sales slip.  But now with this revelation, that makes the filters and tranny fluid SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!!!!!

Lesson learned ---  see why we insist on doing ALL of our work now, instead of trusting someone 200 miles away when we are having them "prep" the rig for our purchase?   Gotta do it yourself or else be allowed to look over their shoulders---  "insurance regulations" or "shop policy" be damned.... or set up a video camera to see if they do the work they promised they are doing?

Looks like Al's Motorhomes of Rockford are out of business now, or else they would get an earful from me for sure!  

So that is my RANT for the evening----    let's hope tomorrow is a better day?

I got my closet cubbyhole contraption stained yesterday and it's dried enough to put into place in the closet now.  So all my fiber friends can now see how my spinning wheel rides along when we travel... safely held in place by hanging clothes.  And now my shoes all have a place too!

P.S. Erin was at doc, won't be long now!   Waiting for the phone call ------


  1. Maybe good old "Al" was less than truthful with other things too! Maybe that's why HE is out of business! If so, - it's a good thing!

  2. Harumph..... that might explain why they are OUT of business and other dealers are still IN business.

    At least you got it sorted now.


  3. Please tell me you travel with more than 3 pairs of shoes??? And if you say no, that's all you take, I'm not letting Mike read your blog this morning!

    1. Well, there is a pair of moccasins by the door too. And there is room for 6 pairs by shoving the not-so-often worn pairs to the back of the cubbies. I will add one more pair of dress shoes too before we go full time. And I also take along a pair of rubber flipflops for shower shoes if we use a public campground shower. So that is SIX pairs... does that help? Can Mike still read the blog now?

      Oh.. and there is room to stuff those little folded up umbrellas alongside the shoes.

  4. I had a friend who took her spinning wheel along when buying a small motor home to make sure it would fit in the shower, where it rode when they traveled. She has since passed away and seeing your spinning wheel brought a smile to my face and fond memories of our spinning days together.


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