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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick Question for my RV blog readers....

Hey... quick question for my RV ing buddies here reading my blog.  

I know Steve don't read my blog... so this is okay to post this here. 

His birthday is coming up and he wants a water bladder to haul 50-60 gallons etc. of fresh 

water to the motorhome.  (we already have an extra pump to do this) 

Do any of you have recommendations on a good one?  or the best deal out there?  Or

perhaps someone of you has bought one and decided you don't need it any more and would 

like to sell it ??

Email me at pfundt@gmail.com  


  1. Howdy Karen,
    500 gallons?? I can drink a six-pak, but 500 gallons, I don't know!!! Thatz 400# additional weight and the fuel to drag it around; whatz he want it for?? ALL water's tainted a little bit!!
    He sold the boat, so he can't float it!! Good luck, LOTZ OF HAPPINESS and GIVE THEM BABIES LOTZ OF HUGS!!!

    1. Heh Heh.. gotta clean your eyeglasses there BBC.... it's 50 - 60 gallons. teee heeeeeee

  2. OK, I got nothin' on the advise front, but that was funny.
    Oh man, comprehension is just one of those mysterious and elusive things, isn't it??
    *I'm still chuckling*


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