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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Graduation from Mighty Mites!

Granddaughter Allegra, (a.k.a. Fishy Swimmer Girl)  has invited us to go see her graduation from her swimming lesson class--- the Mighty Mites!   Grandparents are invited to stand along the edge of the pool (minus their shoes and socks)  to admire their grandchild's prowess and skill in the pool...

She was all dolled up in her swimmy suit and jumped right in with all the other kiddos and parents.

Mommy stayed out by the grandparents with little Mason in her arms, so he could watch his big sister do her thing.  (he napped among all that noise and screeching??)  What fun it was to watch them.

Yes, she GRADUATED!   

As a treat, they all are allowed to go twice down the big slippery twisty slide (with a parent)  once they complete their class.  Allegra was so gung ho and wanted to go down again and again!

Once she was changed into dry clothes. we all trekked over to Mackinaws, a favorite steak house to celebrate our daughter-in-law Heather's birthday!  It has a rustic "Up North" theme to it, compete with real logs, camping and sporting gear from the woods, and plenty of stuffed animals.  Within the building is a log cabin that houses the bar.  The logs that were used to build the cabin were harvested from the family's land west of Green Bay.  We got a nice quiet table above the log cabin in the upstairs dining area.

This is from their website:

MACKINAWS - What's in a name?

Whenever we choose a name there is usually a purpose or theme behind that name.  So, how did the name Mackinaws come to be?
First we wanted a name to compliment the rustic log and stone décor with the old “up north” feel.  We also felt that the name and personality of this place should reflect our personal ties to the building.  All the rough-hewn timbers, D-logs and planking were harvested off our own family farm west of Green Bay.  My dad, Ed, brother, Tom, and I all helped plant and water the trees which now make up the restaurant.  The skinned logs which accent the cabinets were debarked by me and my son, and co-owner of Mackinaws, Kevin.
So we had the personal touch with the logs and timber and wanted to emphasize the “old” northern sports characteristics of this area.  Fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, skiing (two pair are my dad’s and my first “bear traps”) are reflected in the decorations and the wall mounts, which include Canadian geese in flight, caribou, grizzly bear and more!
But a name eluded us until our friends joined in for the search for a suitable name.  We needed a special name for this special place.  One that was “northernly” and friendly, easy to say, easy to shorten, and the list goes on.  Finally, we found a name which tied in a Canadian cloth used by lumberjacks, northern woodsmen and hunters, as well as the memorable item worn by many of our dads and grandfathers: the mackinaw jacket. 

Mackinaws!  It sounded good and solid, a friendly name befitting the north and the rustic theme you see here today. 
We hope it catches the casual, warm and comfortable feel you have whenever you visit us.  Thanks for coming!
Pat Quinn
Co-Owner Mackinaws Grill & Spirits
2925 Voyager Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311
Phone: 920-406-8000 or 920-406-8830
Fax: 920-406-8840
Email: Mackinaws1@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mackinaws.com 

In the foyer they have a large bear that Allegra was oogling with her Granfaddah Pfun....  it does look a tad bit scary, doesn't it?  I think she was safe in her Granfaddah's arms.

She also got to see an elk, a moose, a cougar and some deer too....  

We had a very filling dinner (BBQ chicken and ribs)  and little Mason had his bottle. We had a nice time visiting with the other grandparents and aunt Kim.  Heather's father, Phil, is in a physical rehab center for a recently broken hip, so we missed having him around to celebrate Heather's birthday. awwwww

After dinner, the kind waitresses brought a Birthday Dessert with a candle, which of course little Allegra just HAD to help her mommy blow it out! 



  1. Happy Birthday Heather! What a fun way to spend your time.....with family.

  2. Such a cutie! And so talented at swimming!! They teach them so early now. I remember when they had to be tall enough that their head had to be even with the counter before you could enroll them in swimming lessons. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.


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