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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet baby Clayton Timothy Lock

Here is number five in the passel of grandtots that we are collecting! 

This lucky little guy was born to two wonderful parents, soninlaw Mark and our oldest daughter Erin, along with his big sister Chelsea.   What a great time he is going to have growing up in our family, surrounded by parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts, and of course .... CUZZINS!

About an hour after he was born, we got the phone call to bring down Chelsea to meet her new brother.  I took her down in the Tracker, and we met with Granfaddah at work to bring him a change of clothes.  Then we brought Chelsea to the hospital, along with her vase of flowers and three balloons for her baby brother.  Opening the door a crack, we sent her in the room to enjoy and bond with her new brother.  About an hour later it was time for us to go in too.  

My oh my, doesn't Mommy look great?   
All those goofy tv shows with a mom all out of sorts have nothing on her! 

Of course, Granmuddah has to have her turn too... 
just one more little bealer to add to my collection, huh?  

It feels so good to have wee ones in my arms again.  
They are just so sweet and snuggly, with their warm little bodies and soft baby sighs.  

Granfaddah got his turn too.... 
I can hear him whispering about tools, fishing poles and campfires! 

check out his shirt-- it says:  
1. Fill the Grandkids up with sugar
2.  Send em home
3.  Sit back and laugh 

I think he has a pretty good handle on this grandparenting thing, eh?

We kept Chelsea at our house for two nights while daddy and mommy stayed at the hospital with little Clayton.  Isn't it wonderful that hospitals now let the daddies stay overnight too in the room (they roll in a cot if you want or else sleep in a comfy recliner)   Clayton is nursing well and alert and looking around the second day we came for a visit.  Now on the third day, they will be heading back home, and picking up Chelsea too.  Home to start their new lives as a family of FOUR! 

Did you know a Granmuddah's heart can stretch and stretch and stretch????

And for my RVing blog readers, the next blog will be about the tranny fluid change and our little test drive...


  1. Such a precious little one. Congratulations to all.

  2. Congratulations on the new little angel. I love Steveio's shirt. That's great advice for all grandparents.

  3. Looks like a flock of little ones will be at Grandma's on weekends and camping this summer, have to empty two drawers in the MH to make cribs.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. What a darling baby, and you're right Mom looked great.

    How thoughtful of you (and hard I'm sure) to send Chelsea in to bond with her brother. I'm sure you'd have loved to have been watching her :)

  5. Congratulations, Grandmuddah! Love the pics - aren't grandbabies the best thing e.v.e.r.???

  6. Congratulations on your new grandson. Yes, grandbabies are the best thing ever. What a nice family.

  7. Congratulations to you all...we can't wait for our grandbabies. Enjoy!

  8. Another beautiful baby for your family. I have a nephew named Clayton.

  9. What a beautiful group of grandbabies! Congratulations to you and your family... :-)

  10. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! PRETTY CUTE!!!!!!!!! Have fun with him.

  11. Congratulations!! What a wonderful blessing...five beautiful, precious "grands."
    You are so right...mom doesn't look like she has just had a baby. Good for her!!

  12. Congratulations to you and Steve and to the happy family. Boy does he have a nice head of hair, he's a cutie for sure.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Congratulations on your new arrivals!! Love how you did the picture with all five little's in it...gives me an idea for Christmas gifts to our kids. Enjoy those hugs and kisses. and all the snuggles. Glad you could be so near to help with Chelsea.

  14. and another gorgeous grandson to add to your brood...:) congrats again


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