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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hard2findrvpart store - Dad's 75th birthday and grape vines

Owning an older motorhome means older parts need to be located when something breaks. 

We have lived with a cracked door handle on our freezer door of our side by side Dometic RV fridge for about 4 years now. I have tried to repair it and glued it over and over each time it broke.  I have even reinforced it with another piece of plastic behind it.  

When I called around to the RV dealers and parts stores for a replacement, it was in the $70-90 range!  There ain't NO little piece of plastic junk worth that much in my book-----arggh!  

I was out in the rig last night spiffing up some stuff and decided to try to find a replacement again. 
I found a store on Ebay called http://stores.ebay.com/hard2findrvpart      They didn't have it in their listings, but their store site said they have a lot of parts, and instructed customers to email them to see if they have something not listed.

I wrote to them with the model number and part number....  they sent the following reply:

"hi please call 800-348-7697 that's our parts dept.we may have some of those handles left in stock for the rm 7030 and they can help you with that thanks dave "

I called and sure enough, they had ONE left, and sold it to me for $24.95!  

(yes, still a lot of $$ for piece of plastic, but at least $50 cheaper than anywhere else---- that is $50 more the diesel tank!) 

Still nothing yet on the newest grandson's arrival.  Erin is working again today and feeling fine, but baby has dropped and she is getting restless.  Tomorrow she had an OB appt. so will see what her progress is.   We are picking up Chelsea from day care later today and spending a little time with her this evening, so we are looking forward to that.  She is such a Helper Girl with whatever we are doing. 

Other projects getting done are:
  1. Last night, I stained my shoe cubby-unit that steve made for me that I posted a few blogs back.
  2. Steve fitted my sock machine to the new table top, but has to router out a tiny bit for a good fit yet.
  3. We ordered a 5 gal bucket of Transyd transmission fluid and 2 filters to changout on the motorhome
  4. Steve vacced out the carpeted basement compartment area and I reorganized a few more cabinets.

I think we have Camping Fever!  More and more of our snowbird friends are making it back home to Wisconsin this week.  They have probably had their fill of being in their RV's all winter long, but we are just chomping at the bit to get out and get in some camping.  Campgrounds and parks are closed yet around here, many not opening till mid May.  In the meantime, we can get things done and up to snuff on the motorhome for another camping season!

Just had a nice birthday visit with my father, he turns 75 today!    I forgot to snap a pic of him while he was here, but here is a good shot of him all spiffied up for our son's wedding..... 

He and my baby brother, Umpee, (long story on the origin of the weird nickname)  came down to my house today to visit. We had a little lunch and I got Dad's taxes done and they also dug up six well-established grape vines for Umpee's friend.  They are lovely white, blush, and light purple grapes for wine.  Here is my little brother working hard to dig them all up into buckets to transport them.

Steve had the vines growing for about 6 or 7 years in the yard and now the vines will go to a good home in the U.P. of Michigan.  The chances of someone buying our house who would even be interested in making wine from the various strains of grapes would be pretty slim, and they would probably end up being cut down, burned out or mowed over anyhow.   My brother's friend is already growing some vines for wine and is welcoming the addition of four more types and 6 total plants being brought right to his doorstep!  What a great brother to come and dig them up, eh?

Time to get a few more things done here this afternoon, then go pick up the beedle bug Chelsea ..... 

P.S. Steve is also picking up 5 gallons of transmission fluid and filters for changing it out on the motorhome, so more pics in the next blog for my RVing readers! 


  1. What, giving away your grape vines? I figured that Stevio would have figured a way to place them on the motorhome's roof and take them with you! ;c)

    You dad looks like he's 25 years younger than he is. Good for him,must be all that clear WI air.

  2. Glad to hear you found a handle for the fridge. Just last week I got a few things for the Trek from a company in Indiana. I gave them your info and no dice....Thanks for the link. I saved them as a "favorite seller" Just a suggestion, but I'd like to see a pic of Steveio changing my trans fluid! Haha

  3. Just imagine the cost if you took the RV to an RV repair place - they would get the part at wholesale and tack on their own profit, plus labor! It is really outrageous, isn't it.

  4. It's so close for you guys to get on the road. Maybe a weekend just down the street like you've done this winter will help a bit. I have to admit, it feels good to be moving again.

  5. glad you found the part for the refrigerator. Your Dad looks good for 75.

  6. Just out of curiosity, did you happen to save your old broken handle assembly? I need the part that attaches to the door itself. I would be willing to pay you the same price you paid for your replacement for your complete broken handle assembly.

  7. Hi "Anonymous" (if you sign into Blogger as Anonymous, I can not reply to you personally) I am sorry, but we did toss out the broken handle. Good luck finding one, it was hard to find a working one. Perhaps an RV salvage yard might have one?


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