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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time to get back to some Motorhome Modifications

Many of my blog readers are RVers ... so today I will post about some RV items, after a gluttony of weaving and train posts the last week or so.  LOL ...

If you remember back a few weeks ago, Steveio just HAD to have a new super duper water pump for our motorhome, along with a big accumulator tank.

(our original pump has been working just fine for 16 years--
but you know Guys: "Bigger is Better")   

Our pressure has been just fine, but he said this pump will have more pressure and be able to handle an accumulator tank.  This is a heavy Jabsco marine water pump that is belt driven with a bigger electric motor.  I got the accumulator tank for him brand new at a rummage sale for $5 --- score!

The new tank is rated for the right pressure for our lines, so we are okay there too. 

After brainstorming his installation ideas, and measuring and figuring and gathering fittings, hoses and pieces, he was ready.  He finally had time this week to get it installed.   He put the tank in a cut-down 5 gallon bucket with the fittings coming out some holes he cut into it.  

If you look close, there really isn't any area to mount the tank to on the frame unless he drilled holes through the steel beam behind it.  So the bucket is a great idea.  He did strap it down by the handle to something behind.  Plus, he can remove the bucket, and screw the two fittings together on a pipe nipple to winterize the rig, and store the tank in our house where it won't freeze.  He has a shroud guard to put by the moving belt part of the pump.    

After he had it all done, I got to go inside to test it out.  Works wonderfully!!!   Using an accumulator tank allows the pump to run less often, and when you use a faucet, the pump doesn't need to kick on each time until you run a large amount of water.  So filling up a pot for coffee or grabbing a glass of water does not need the pump to operate.   Steve said it will save on battery power.  LOL ... yah right.  Me thinks it's just more "justification" to his "Bigger is Better" obsession. 

Now...  I mentioned the old pump, which was manufactured date of 1995, it works just fine.  So he added two fittings to each side that can accommodate a simple garden hose.  He will use this as an auxiliary pump to add water to our tank when we are long term boondocking if we don't wanna move the rig to refill.   We can haul water in a bladder or buckets from a well pump to fill our tank.  Or have it on board if something ever happens to the other new pump?   (perish the thought after all of Steveio's installation and brainstorming!) 

In our water compartment, this area is called a "manifold".  It has various levers and knobs to control the flow of water to various parts of the motorhome.  Also levers to pull to empty the black and grey holding tanks.  Steve added a household water filter unit to the fill area, so all water is run through it before going into our tank.   He added a 12 volt outlet to power either that auxiliary pump or our portable mascerator (poop pumper)    There is also a faucet for an outdoor shower to screw onto, or a hose for washing the rig.  GREAT for washing dirty muddy doggers------  

 Soooo that is it for the motorhome modifications.


We opted to NOT go camping this weekend.  Holidays seem to bring out the weekend warriors in full mode, with noise, fireworks, music and partying.  Being a long weekend, many folks who don't normally camp or aren't familiar with campground etiquette are rude, noisy and make it uncomfortable for the rest of us.

On top of that, the weather is going to be awfully humid and hot in the mid 90's (if you believe the weathermen)   so that would mean running the AC a lot.

So if we were in a rustic campground, we would be the offenders running our generator mid-day to cool the rig for my lungs and breathing problems.  Not nice.  Even though our propane powered generator is very quiet and built into our rig, I still don't like ever bothering anyone else with generator noise.

Also, some clueless weekend warriors who don't camp too often will haul along a big contractor generator or a cheapie one that the decibels are ear-shattering and ground-shaking.

Or if we went to a park with electric hook-ups, the daisy chained electric posts are notorious for blowing out or browning out due to the heavy power usage by everyone trying to run their multiple AC units all at once.  BTDT

And there is always someone shooting off noisy fireworks which send our doggers to cowering, shaking, drooling nervous wrecks for hours afterwards of each erratic display of noise---   most parks ban the fireworks but there are always a few who have to break the rules.....   argghhhh

Soooo I think we will just stay home!   

It's Erin's 28th birthday today 
and it was our anniversary on Tuesday, 
so we will celebrate with the kids and stay at home.   

Speaking of home, I started giving our logs a new coat of stain.  Two years ago we painstakingly ground off the old finish to bare wood and added a new coat of Rymar.  It needed a second coat by this year to seal up all the dried out areas and knots.  Now it will be good for about 8-10 years.

(I  took the cover off the gazebo so it wouldn't get any splatters) 

I started all the lower portions around the first floor myself (wearing a mask)  and Steve will set up the ladder for the higher portions for me in the evenings.  I won't go up the ladder until he is home and nearby.

I work a little bit at a time, and then take a break.  I love the way the wood drinks in the oily stain sealer product called Rymar, and is instantly transformed into beautiful wood again!  The very top areas above the 2nd story windows Steve will do for me, because I am a chicken!   No matter how much I try to convince myself that I am only one step higher on the ladder rungs, my legs start to shake and I can not handle it.   I try... I try... but that is where Steveio can take over the task.  (he hates painting)

(And on one quick weaving note, I was shipped a big shaggy rug to tear apart and reweave for a customer, pics to come in future blogs)



  1. Those logs look great! Home is a good place to be on the 4th, or a small town like ours where we will go to fireworks and a parade. We are chicken too, when we get back from Alaska we are paying someone to treat the cedar on our house!

  2. I so agree with camping on holiday week-ends. I hate it. We usually are parked somewhere that works out well - this year we're parked in our son's driveway but not out of choice. Broken spring on the rig and they haven't gotten the part in yet. But I hate all the noise of the campgrounds and fireworks scare our girls so bad it takes them days to recover. It's amazing how good the stain looks on the house. Men always do need their projects - thank goodness.

  3. Yep, we are the same. We don't like the crowds in the campgrounds on the long weekends. We aren't staying in the campground here, but we won't even come into the park tomorrow, we figure it will be busy as it is free to use the park for the day (not camping though)so we figure quite a few people will take advantage of that.

    The stain looks nice on the house, slow and easy wins the race. You'll have the staining done before you know it.

    Enjoy the long weekend.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. That Stevio is one slick engineer. Great install on the waterpump. I liked his solution for holding the tank and removing it for winter.

    The new stain looks great, your house is beautiful.

    Paul and Marti

  5. Love the pictures. Great deal on the expansion tank! Wow.
    The very clever folks who designed the motorhome we once owned thought it would be fun to put the water tank and pump under the bed.
    So, any time a person had to say, brush their teeth?, the pump would play us a little tune. Brrp. Brrp. Brrp.
    Needless to say that got considerably better after I installed an expansion tank, since then we could also turn OFF the pump and just use up the pressure in the tank.
    Of course, I paid a wee bit more for the one I bought than the deal you found!

  6. Saw the pump on our visit, I must agree Steveo is a master craftsman.Be careful on the ladder I don't like them either. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  7. I stained the decks on my house in NC a couple of times, and made a complete mess the last time. Never again will I paint or stain. I used to be so good at it too.

  8. You should get some stilts to do the upper reaches. I saw a guy painting my neighbors home the other day with stilts. Look like fun to me.

    and Happy Anniversary to you!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. The logs are looking good. That's a lot of work.

    Happy belated anniversary and happy birthday to Erin.

    We like to stay home on holidays to, for the reasons you mentioned. We live next door to a school and that seems to be the place for the neighborhood fireworks. Got the dogs some happy pills today so hopefully we can make it through the 4th with no nervous breakdowns...and I think the dogs will be fine too!!


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