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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Rainy Day in the Loom Room

Yes... it's another rainy day here in Northern Wisconsin... our company from Missouri and Tennessee are getting moldy and green and covered with wet wet clinging raincoats and hiding under umbrellas!  This is just NOT FAIR for our visitors to have to endure such awful rainy weather!

It was a lazy day for Thursday.... Sam and Donna hung out for a while in their rig, catching up on projects, naps and writing on the laptops.

Sam took some pics at Linda and I snuck down to the Loom Room and got some serious weaving underfoot.....

Linda is weaving some Log Cabin patterns on my little Union loom
and adding some diluted Elmer's glue to hold the header in place till it gets hemmed.
Looks like she is really having a blast!!!

Working, working, working-------
the Big Union loom next to her is ready with some rag shuttles wound up to weave

Here is the block weave rug I am working on.....

Despite being allergic to dogs, our little loom room pals have to make sure we take a few breaks for some pets and snuggles....  Duke makes a good Loom Room Doggie! 

A wide shot of the loom room, with the rainy views out of the patio doors

 I am working on a block weave rug in denim and striped mattress ticking here 
on my favorite Newcomb Studio Loom

Sam wandered around the studio and snapped a few more shots, please ignore the clutter! 

Duchess also joins in the events in the Loom Room as we wove away the whole afternoon.. 
What a wonderful way to spend the day, weaving with a good loomy buddy!

I told Sam to not photograph the messy parts

My dear weaving friend, Juanita, made me this sign on the wall

And yes, we ARE loomatics!!!!  
(can't you tell?) 

For the evening, Sam and Donna treated us to our favorite restaurant-  The Penguin Again in Oconto Falls... they have "to die for" ribs on Thursday... and Steveio's favorite tenderloin tips.   Sam and Donna treated all of us to a fine dinner!   

 We found a cute gal named Taylor who did our photography for us--- how cute!
Today we are off to ride the Steam Train at Laona and travel out to historic Camp Five logging camp.... 
More blogging later!~ 


  1. Love the loom room pictures. It's really not clutter, it's necessary busy stuff.

  2. I wonder if Loomatics are prone to Looeralysis with so many Loomamachines Loominating the Loom Room. And yes, it does look rather dark & loomy outside. Well, loom away you Loomatics & may many colorful threads illoominate your way. And, stay out of trouble lest you end up in some kinda wily Wisconsin Loomagate situation.....Loomoodles t'ya all:))

  3. Glad you are enjoying your company, sorry the weather is cooperating for you. We sure know what that feels like. Hope it is better for the weekend.

    Kevin and Ruth


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