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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Visits with Weaving and RVing Friends this week

There is a big weaving conference going on in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this week.... called the Midwest Weaving Conference in Houghton....

Turns out that a fellow weaver, Carol from Tennessee, was going.  She offered to let Linda from Tennessee hitch a ride!   They arrived here at my house about supper time on Saturday.....   after hugs all around, we sat down to a quick dinner I had made up.  We drank a toast to friends, fun, food, and FIBERS!

(left to right:  Me, Carol, Linda) 

We gabbed and gabbed about all our weaving stuff... they came down to my loom room to check out my "digs" and share about looms, techniques, classes, projects etc.  The conversations went on and on and on... till midnight!   But wonder of wonders, the next morning, we had MORE to talk about!  LOL 

All too soon on Sunday, Carol had to leave to finish trekking up north to the conference.  She was scheduled to take classes all week up there, but Linda stayed here in Oconto with me.  We might be able to head up that way by this weekend and attend the Rag Rug gathering, but we are not registered for any classes.  There are various vendors, meals and displays to wander around if we do.  Plus, somehow I have to get Linda back up near Carol for the ride home which is in a different path than the way they came.   It's either that, or I slap some stamps on Linda's forehead and dump her in a mailbox.....

Later on Sunday, our RV friends, Sam and Donna from St. Louis, MO came to visit us!  Their blog is:
They snuggled their fiver in next to our rig, due to all the rain lately we decided to keep them there than let them park onto the grass out front...  just so we don't need the neighbor farmer's tractor to pull them out!

No matter WHERE Sam is, he has his coffee and his blog,
along with his darling wife Donna and their faithful dog-child Riggens!

Riggens and our doggies got along famously, they had met back in February when we headed out west. Riggens brought both of our doggies some new toys, but sometimes he wants them back....

On Monday night, Sam took over my kitchen and made his Grandmother's Genett famous meatballs... what a FEAST !   And it was quite a treat to let him take over our kitchen and make us a meal.

 Chef Samuelletti Gionavelli

Along with some bottles of wine they brought from Missouri, we had our feast....

Steveio did some repair work on the roof of their fiver with his handy-dandy ladder

We gals headed over to Brubakers General Store run the by local Mennonites.  The fresh baked breads and lovely packaged bulk seasonings were a delight to shop for.  The chicken eggs were fresh from the chickens clucking out in the back yard, free ranging.  The strawberries we bought had just been picked that morning too... right outta the field and into the store.  No middlemen or preservatives!!!

Steve and Sam solved all of the world's problems.... 

Linda and Donna got along quite well... Linda is working on some new hats with her hat loom device, and Donna was catching up on some blog reading on the laptops.  We actually have FIVE laptops here this weekend--- thank goodness for routers!!!

Riggens noticed something out on the deck.... hmmmm wonder what it could be?

AH-HA!!!!    Mr. Racoon Burgler Thief after the grape jelly put out for the oriels. 
No wonder the wear robber's masks, hey?

Well... this is as many pics for now to fill the blog, and we woman are going to town to get some shopping in, and have a lunch with little grandson Jameson.  Sam is hitting the National Railroad Museum and sad sad Steveio is stuck at work today....


  1. What a lovely visit y'all had.
    Great to see the bloggers getting together.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  2. What a wonderful time with everyone! We'll be parked in that space before long.

    I love the burglar picture, How cute!!

  3. You are a busy lady! Glad you are having such a great time with all your friends both weaving and RVing!
    Karen...I still want to purchase one of your rugs but I got delayed with Mike's health and a change of many plans. I will get back with you on this in the very near future.
    Have fun!!

  4. I am always amazed of the fun you have up there in the frozen North. I like the trick of getting someone else to cook in your kitchen, too.

    Paul and Marti R Sanity RV

  5. Looks like a fun time. It's always a good deal when you can get the company to cook the meal! Enjoyed all teh photos.

  6. You are just having way too much fun - and getting someone to cook for you. Wow.

  7. I agree with Jim & Sandie, all you guys are just having waaaaaaay too much fun over there.

  8. What a wonderful person to open your home to friends. Yeah, you are having way too much fun. Sounds wonderful.

  9. You can't get much better than inviting Italians from St. Louis to your house and having them cook for you. Do they live on the hill?


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