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Friday, May 7, 2010

We got babies for Mother's Day weekend.... and Motorhome shock repair

Bit of Grandchildren stuff first-----

Ohhhh we got a little Chelsea Beetle Bug Baby here this morning. Steve and I found her a little bumblebee Halloween costume over the weekend and here she is, checking it out....  (her nursery room theme is bumblebees) 


I guess it passed "inspection"   after all, what little girl doesn't want to have some fairy wings? 

Then later today little Jameson will be coming over for the weekend.   His mommy is hostessing a karaoke show both tonight and tomorrow night in Green Bay and his daddy will help her with set up and tear down.  So the little lad is coming here to hang out.   We will take him again to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store with the cool shopping carts that are like little trucks!  These are photos from the last time we went:



Then next weekend we will have little Allegra's baptism....  so will get some more pics of our other little princess.   Here is one her mom shared:

What a little Hollywood Doll! She is out for a ride in the stroller we got her.  How cute is this? 

Can you believe it, we are due for SNOW tonight????  They said 2-4 inches, and it will melt fast tomorrow.  But the temps dropped drastically here and we had to kick on the furnace this morning.  The house was really chilly and the winds are blowing.   That is why we don't plant the tomatoes or hang out any flower baskets yet.  We could very well wake up to white stuff all over them! 

Now on the motorhome front.  Last weekend we noticed a bit of rattling underneath on some bumps, signalling a bad shock.  We have a very nice ride with the special Safari suspension called Torsilastic ...  Velvetride which is really a rubber design by BF Goodrich.  It rides along so smooth, we really don't feet much road problems, but heard the rattling on the rough parts by DePere on hwy 41.  So Steve pulled off the front shocks, and sure enough, one is bad.  So that is our next project, ordering replacements today and will be put on before we go camping again. 

We had a great five days in our rig while down in Beloit/Shopiere... the solar panels worked wonderfully and we were fully charged back up before noon each day, even with partial shade here and there on some of the panels, and some days were cloudy or raining.   Love having the Trimetric gauge to see what we are using, or how far down we are draining the four 6volt batteries.   

We can be "extravagant"  with this power usage now, and keep the router and two laptops going all the time.  And of course some tv, dvd and lights in the evening too.   It was so warm, we never ran the heater either.  But we don't use the big LP furnace with the blower, we have the Wave 8 Catalytic heater instead.  It doesn't use any power at all, just runs off propane with no blower.  But like I said, we didn't even need that this past weekend. 


So hope all you mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's Day ... and for everyone else, go HUG your mom!  If you can't hug your own mom, find another one to hug.  Moms love HUGS! 


  1. Miss bumble bee is so cute!!

    I am so glad the solar is working so well..this is Walkers dream to do this..hopefuly someday!!

    Happy Mothers Day

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Happy Mother's day Karen, Sam is leaving in the morning for a week taking a high school group to Florida, The resort they are staying in is right on the beach, he is planning on some sun and swim time. We will celebrate when he gets home. Be safe out there and enjoy the snow, Sam & Donna.

  3. Your grands are so beautiful! You will surely have a great weekend with them. Hope the shock replacement goes well.

    BTW...I see you have the RV There Yet badge on your blog? Could you give me the steps for adding that to mine? I looked at the website and it said to add it, but not "how" to add it. Thanks.

  4. The grandchildren are sooo cute. Glad you take time to enjoy them, as they will grow up way too fast.

    Kevin and I love our solar panels and new set of 4 6volt golf cart batteries as well. He says the same thing, more power than we need and we still have the other solar panel to put up on the roof!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Kevin and Ruth


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